The Neoplatonic Anti-Truth Suicide Squad.


Ismaelism was heavily influenced by Neoplatonism. Neoplatonism developed from Plato’s Athenian academy and was founded as a philosophy by Plotinus. Neoplatonism developed as a counter to Christianity and the ministry of Jesus. In the character of Porphyr of Tyre we find again the same ancient evil, the Cain to his Abel counterpart. Reminding me of something YouTube video maker Samuel William said was told to him by an MI5 operative: “for every truth there is a lie” the lie in this instance being Neoplatonism to the truth of Jesus’ ministry.
Porphyry of Tyre was a Neolplatonist philosopher of the 3rd century, student of Plotinus and vocal opponent of Christianity, he said “”The gods have proclaimed Christ to have been most pious, but the Christians are a confused and vicious sect.” This is very much a somewhat underhanded compliment to Jesus since Jesus ministered for one God, the father, while Porphyr directly contradicts Jesus by evoking his pagan plurality of deities, and to call Christ ‘most pious’ so understates the case as to appear satirical. His work ‘Introduction to Categories’ was translated into Arabic and became a standard text of the Muslim world on matters of theology philosophy and jurisprudence and one wonders to what extent it may have influenced the Ismaelis and by extension the Knights Templar and Freemasonry. Without Neoplatonism and its subtraction of morality from culture and clear identities of right and wrong, good and evil one wonders if we would have a better more sustainable world right now, one in which morality and an objective thing called ‘good’ existed in all our daily transactions and those of business, finance and politics. Does it not seem sometimes that we as a race are just doomed to repeatedly fall into the same errors every-time they are presented to us? As if the Garden of Eden fall was being continually enacted, perhaps this is the price for the first fall and since then evil will continually express itself on Earth and seek to totally destroy the good altogether.

Porphyr was said to be mentally ill and at one point while in Rome, attempted to commit suicide, in fact he made several arguments in favour of suicide and it is believed that he became disillusioned with life and suicidal after studying his teacher’s philosophy. Do the words of Jesus make one suicidal or do they have the contrary effect? Could this not in itself be the true test of a system of ethics and spirituality? That which uplifts comes from the truth while that which leaves one confused and despondent must be based in deception and lies.



Does life itself not respond instinctively to that which is nourishing and useful, while withering and dying should it find itself in a stagnant lifeless environment. For me at least, the proof of the stagnancy of Neoplatonic quasi atheism is the proof that it provides only depression and suicide in its very voice of origin. Is it any wonder such TV wise-asses like Stephen Fry and all the other conceited idiots of the entertainment world all come out seeking sympathy and a new fashion trend by normalizing pathological materialism and the resultant obvious depression at not understanding anything important about the universe and existence they are born into.

But to return to the ancient Middle-East and put those modern Canaanites on hold for a moment. Tyre was the home to the Canaanite Phoenicians, those who worshipped Baal and sacrificed children to Moloch, Porphyr also being the root of the word Phoenician and connected to the royal purple and giving its name to Porphyria, a rare genetic blood disease where iron cannot be correctly metabolized, which seems to have affected a large number of European royals and gave rise to the myth of vampires, since blood drinking and bathing in blood, would apparently alleviate the symptoms. It is no coincidence that the Freemasons revere the Old Testament figures such as Tubal Cain who was the offspring of Cain and Hiram the King of Tyre and the master craftsman Hiram Abiff since these two were Canaanites. Freemasonry is the Canaanite mystery religion and it is this which secretly rules the world.

Neoplatonism is the philosophy of the outer-portico of Freemasonry and Manly P Hall wrote extensively on Neoplatonism because it wrests control back from a moral absolute and returns thought spirituality and philosophy back to pagan uncertainty and moral relativity within which domain of course, Freemasons will have much more power to act, make money, sow corruption and engage in all of their myriad evils while being protected by what appears to be a rational philosophical framework. Yet when asked to define Neoplatonism the task becomes much more difficult. The trick of Neoplatonism is that it defines itself by what it isn’t. Neoplatonism isn’t Christianity, and that pretty much is its sole purpose, to not be Christianity and to offer as I said, a rational sounding alternative to people who would rather make their own rules to suit their inclinations and proclivities, whatever they may be.

I am keen to point out here that such a thing as good exists, just as its contrary and all which takes up arms against this good must necessarily be bad. Neoplatonists see evil as merely the absence of good and since everything emanates from the same source, all is one, Gods, demons, angels, all emanate from the same primary cause. This has the effect of depersonalizing the universe and creation itself, lending itself to ideas of blind mechanical forces within which spiritual ideas can still be accommodated, but they too are merely a catalogue of different kind of blind forces and agents. The difference between Christianity, Manicheism even Buddhism is fairly radical in this regard, since all three of those ideologies identify the realm of the material world as a temporary abode of suffering which must be transcended in order to unite with a benign and absolute spiritual force.

Neoplatonists tend to act from materialistic principles and judge all phenomenon, even the ministry of Jesus Christ as a materialistic phenomenon. It isn’t that such people lack faith, it’s more that they do not have the humility to accept that there can be a reality which exists beyond their understanding and they make no effort to even approach such a reality even half way and try to investigate. This is something personally which I find very hard to understand. What is peculiar is that such people are extremely common in science and are deemed to be highly intelligent but their intelligence seems to lay in pointing out what they know, while what they don’t know is relegated to non-existence.



This seems to be the curse of the modern scientific establishment which is very good at pointing out what it knows, then making very baseless and surprising stupid proclamations about what it doesn’t know. As if the confines of the universe and reality itself is a box whose dimensions precisely measure exactly what modern science presently knows. Anyone with real intelligence knows this isn’t the case and that most of what encompasses actual reality and even the motor for life and consciousness itself, you know, the really important stuff, is wholly unknown to modern science, who don’t seem to lose too much sleep over it because no one seems willing or able to take them to task on it, since anyone who seeks to question a scientist will only be accepted as an equal in debates (and not mercilessly patronized or insulted) if they use the same measurement tools and scientific jargon as they. You can only fight science with more science.

For hundreds of years, scientists had been in direct conflict with the church in the battle for who can dictate reality. As a result of the growth in the power of what the French revolution called ‘The Third Estate’ that is, middle class professionals not affiliated with the church of the gentry (the gentry and church long being held together in a mutual bond of self-interest which goes back to the formation of European identity and social-spiritual cohesion after the fall of Rome) people worked together in a context which was outside the traditional power bases of the church and state.



It can be argued that a great deal of scientific progress specifically emerged from what were hitherto considered occult and even the diabolic sciences, and this strange uneasy relationship between the occult and scientific progress still occasionally can be glimpsed in the work of people like John Logie Baird whom initially had hoped to be able to create an apparatus for contacting spirits but ended up inventing the television set, or with the work of rocket scientist and member of Crowley’s OTO, Jack Parsons, masturbating with L Ron Hubbard to usher in a new age of occult ET spunk powered demon piloted spaceships. It might seem crude to put the Crowley occult generation in those terms but if you do the research it’s a tragically accurate assessment and is a sad indictment at where our elite and secret societies are with their preoccupations.

The church had been a monolithic institution wholly dominating Europe for over one thousand years. It had developed a monopoly exercised under pain of terrible pain of physical punishments or excommunication, a single view of reality, not only of spiritual matters but of all matters. Science had ceased to exist since it did not fall within the dominion of church. In the same way now that under the sway of the modern scientific establishment the spiritual element to reality has ceased to exist, at least within the scientific perspective of reality.



This is the greater reality which is projected out to the modern world as a whole by the machinery of the state including education and general culture and entertainment, and though citizens are given the right to practice their respective religions in most countries in the world, one observes that these rights are being steadily eroded as the rights of Muslims in France or Christians in America. Where in the first instance the rights of the secular republic trump those of Muslims wishing to wear their traditional clothing, or in the case of the United States, the rights of the newly empowered minorities such as homosexuals, whose rights now trump those of Christians wishing to practice their moral values in business. There is the growing sense that religion is seen as an inconvenience in the growing world order and this world order seems to be driven by an outer portico of secular values which hide, of this I have no doubt, an inner occult portico of actual demonic contact and worship.

And the most powerful people in the world share a common bond with the least powerful and most disempowered and afflicted. They share the burden of being dominated by demonic spirit voices operating on them and it is a tradition which has been perpetuated by the secret elite of the world for thousands of years.

A striking instance of this secret elite or what some call ‘bloodline’ would be to examine the Jewish orthography for the name Quraysh. The Quraysh tribe is an ancient middle-east tribe as was the one which the Islamic prophet Mohammed belonged to. The English version of this name is Cyrus which was pronounced Kurush, and these names all mean ‘sun’.

And so we have Miley Cyrus, the deranged pop Jezebel bringing forth ancient Canaanite values of Satanic amorality and schizoid mental illness. Her grandfather and Country and Western star Billy Ray Cyrus’ father was Ron Cyrus, who among other things was a regional representative of the Federal Reserve Board along with Alan Greenspan. With such a lineage one might consider whether today’s celebrities and pop-singers really rise to prominence is a wholly natural phenomenon and one might question whether these pop stars and actors are just the next generation of an old political establishment?



It has been reported on Henry Makow’s website that Billy Ray and his daughter Miley would engage in incestuous sex shows at Bohemian Grove but I can neither confirm nor deny this rumour except that it would hardly surprise me and would explain why Miley Cyrus is so obviously mentally unwell and as Vigilant Citizen explains, explains the nature of Miley’s pop persona as some kind of dark priestess attempting to subvert the innocence of her child audience in the same way her own innocence was shattered by her father, it’s really all she knows and she’s merely externalizing her own conflicts.

Another striking example for me at least, is Benedict Cumberbatch, apart from having inherited a ridiculous name, is the scion of a highly distinguished and decorated military family, and his great grandfather was no less than the appointed representative of Queen Victoria in Turkey. It seems to me that the world of celebrity entertainment is all very much a family business.

My thesis is all of this is to try to demonstrate that the modern world has always been under the control of an ancient Satanic cult which originated in the Middle East and who were known as the Canaanites but now they can be known as Illuminati, Freemasonry, Wicca, and Judaism. All of these groups are now controlled by this ancient family which have their origins in the Middle-East with the bloodline of Cain.

Particular groups have emerged from the woodwork to specifically attempt to head-off any connection with pagan and occult groups and their practice of paedophilia. Well-funded groups such as the Sub-Cultures and Alternatives Freedom Foundation or SAFF, which calls itself an ‘anti-defamation group for new agers, pagans, occultists and mystics’ and they seem to go at lengths to reinterpret any pagan crimes uncovered by the press as ‘Christian scams’ or some-such nonsense. Their web-presence is so small so as to barely exist but I wonder if such a group is just the tip of a hidden iceberg of mutual pagan support which exists in the world to hide, obfuscate and cover-up any crimes committed by pagans and occultists which might emerge in the media. Perhaps this is the reason so few stories actually do emerge into the media, and any rumours that do such as Jimmy Savile being a Satanist are swiftly reinterpreted as some kind of Christian persecution.

So why do they spend so much time and effort covering up for paedophile politicians. Nothing particularly new age or mystical or pagan about Leon Brittan, at least not to appearances which is perhaps the key to all of this. If only the broad swathe of humanity had the magical gift to see beyond appearances, the world would be a vastly better place and our children would certainly be safe from these oily and odious powerful predators in high places. The Subculture Alternatives Freedom Foundation it literally sounds like what a paedophile group would call themselves if they didn’t want outsiders to know they were paedophiles, they’re like paedophiles with a shiny new victim badge who have found someone else to point the finger at who is the real bad-guy, not them: Christians.

Although within Christianity the modern Illuminati were born and raised. Previously within the Catholic Church with the Templar and Hospitalier Knights.

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta is similar to the Vatican and the City of London in that it is Sovereign and subject to no other laws than its own. This model has been replicated on a worldwide scale by the Freemasons who operate under their own laws and are sovereign only to themselves. In fact the recent nascence of the Freeman movement has its origins in the Freemasons as Freemasons declare themselves sovereign and their only legal obligation is to pay their lodge dues. Everything else can be arranged and fixed for them within the sovereign jurisdiction of their order. I met a Freemason while stranded by poor weather at Kiev awaiting a flight back to the UK.



To my great surprise he spent a great deal of time telling me how he drives without insurance or even a driving license, nor does he choose to pay tax. On the occasions when he has been summoned to court he was able to demonstrate that the judge had no jurisdiction over him since he was a sovereign and does not give his consent to the court process. He argued for instance that the policeman had no insurance documents when he arrested him and won his case. One often hears of such people trying these Freeman tricks in court but I suspect they only work when accompanied with the correct Freemasonic signs and allusions.

The Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta is in effect a nation which is based in Malta. As a nation state it has only three citizens but some 13,000 members. The currency used by the nation state of the order is not the Euro which is presently in use in Malta but the old Maltese Scudo. It can even issue its own passports. It has literally thousands of operatives, assistants and members all around the world and is ostensibly an organization dedicated to caring for the sick, refugees, lepers and orphaned children around the world, but if the lesson of Jimmy Savile has taught us anything, it ought to be that charity makes perfect cover and provides excellent access for all sorts of other far less benevolent activities.

The three ‘citizens’ of the Sovereign Order of Malta are, at the time of writing: The Grand Master Matthew Festing; The Grand Commander, Ludwig Hoffman von Rumersteing; The Grand Chancellor: Freiherr Albrecht von Boeselager. Present members of the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, include Cliff Richards, who became a member in May 2011. Other notable members include The Queen, former terrorist Nelson Mandela, George Herbert Walker Bush, Silvio Berlusconi, Joe Biden, Noam Chomsky, Sammy Davis Junior, Lord Christopher Monkton, Ted Turner, Frank Sinatra, the only man brought to trial for involvement in the JFK assassination: Clay Shaw, David Rockefeller, gay British spy for Russia: Kim Philby, Augusto Pinochet, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch (also a Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Gregory with Jimmy Saville), and Sir Cyril Smith the infamous Liberal party paedophile who was invested as a brother of the Order of Saint John in 1976.

The fact that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit at all ought to give us some pause for consideration about the place of a Catholic Jesuit within protestant Germany. The Jesuits have long vowed to reconquer the protestant nations and bring them back under papal control. Protestantism triumphed in Europe within the context of greater freedom of thought and the development of the printing press which brought the Bible into the hands of the people who swiftly realized that the words of Jesus, and the Catholic church seemed to have very little in common.

At the time of Weishaupt, Catholics in Germany represented a minority of believers and the Jesuits an even smaller minority within this subset. The Jesuits were effectively like secret agents of the pope and their mission was to destabilize those countries which had become protestant, and this is made explicit in the Jesuit oath as revealed by former Jesuit Dr Alberto Rivera and prior to this it was revealed in the “Subterranean Rome” by Charles Didier in 1848.

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.”

So if Adam Weishaupt was following his Jesuit orders, then it was his task to destroy protestant Germany and all protestant Christian nations, in line with Jesuit instructions. In fact this doctrine is just what the Illuminati doctrine became. Often commentators appear confused that Adam Weishaupt was apparently a Jesuit and Jewish and this has been fuel to commentators such as Eric John Phelps and his valuable work Vatican Assassins. And he is right, but the conspiracy doesn’t begin and end with Jesuits and the Vatican. The Jesuits are just another tentacle of the same ancient beast from Canaan. The Jews, just like the Catholic church, the pagan movement and the military, are just a tentacle of what Bob Marley called ‘Babylon System’.

Secret Roman Infrastructure 



It’s curious that we can easily observe that the Romance countries, that is Spain Italy and France, remained Catholic, while the Germanic countries of Germany, Holland and Great Britain, underwent a protestant reformation. This is probably due to the lingering Roman infrastructure which the Roman Church merely superimposed itself upon. In England and the Germanic countries, there was an alternative culture to the Roman Latin culture, while in Romance Europe, such alternative legal and spiritual frameworks would have perished along with the culture of the Gauls or Celts. Germany’s culture was inherently Germanic rooted in German Norse law in both sense of the word, while in Britain the Roman occupation had been replaced by centuries of Anglo Saxon rule. The Romans had withdrawn from Britain late in the 4th century, while their power lingered in Gaul and Italy and in order to survive it remained in existence in the form of the Catholic Church which in the late classical period had become a vehicle for the Roman state. In order to survive beyond the classical period and into the early middle ages it would be necessary for the Roman state to make deals with the rising Germanic and Gothic tribes who had started occupying former Romano-Celtic lands. And this is just what the church did, the Pope crowned Charlemagne Emperor, so the inference of course is that the papacy is above the power of the Emperor since only the papacy can bestow that power.

As a result in France and Italy Protestantism made no significant because of the mutual co-dependence of the monarchy and the Catholic church. Now what it’s important to realise is that there’s nothing special or elite about being a part of the Illuminati, or course they call themselves Illuminati because they want to appear special. That they are especially enlightened, or wise. They are agents following an agenda and that agenda is destruction of the protestant world.

It is also critically important here to also point out just what Catholicism really is, and that it has nothing to do with Christianity.

Who really was Constantine?



Constantine in 312, seems to have been instrumental in the creation of what we understand as the Catholic church, namely that of a pagan institution practicing pagan rites while disguising itself as Christian. Christianity in the ancient world had become such a force that it was a case for the Roman authorities, of, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Constantine however found that half of the Christians in the Empire, would not subscribe to the official Roman Government version of the faith, he therefore found it necessary to create ecumenical councils to create a legalistic framework for official Christian doctrine and used the Roman military to eliminate Christian cults which strayed from the official government religion. This would set the way for the various inquisitions and Crusades and Constantine more than any other person, can be said to be responsible for the development of Christianity from a charitable organization dedicated to helping and feeding the poor and providing a spiritual message of salvation to all, to what the church later became, the oligarchical tyranny which practiced torture and slaughter to maintain political control over millions of people.

In fact we can see a clearer picture of the kind of man Constantine was by examining that of his great rival and one time colleague: Licinius. Constantine was the Emperor of the Western empire while Licinius was the Emperor of the Eastern Empire. Licinius was Constantine’s brother in law, having married Constantine’s sister. Despite appearing to be a Christian, and despite co-authoring the Edict of Milan which granted toleration to the Christians throughout the whole Roman empire, thus becoming essentially fathers of the church in effect, both these men regulated the affairs of the nascent Church, perhaps, in my view, making it the monolithic and tyrannically murderous institution it would become. Licinius may have worked to bring the toleration of Christians to the empire, and some say he even converted to Christianity, but the man himself was hardly a Christian and in 320 even began to revert to persecuting Christians by removing them from the military and civil service.

Just as there is some doubt about Constantine about Constantine’s sincerity to his Christian conversion, ‘in hoc signo vinces’ apparently seen in the sky by Constantine before the battle of Milvian bridge.

Lucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius was a contemporary of Licinius and spoke in testimony of him that he had become a true Christian at a time when Christianity throughout the empire was experiencing an astonishing exponential growth, an although precise figures detailing the growth of the Christian population in the Roman Empire are simply not available in any concrete sense, Stark’s book ‘The Rise of Christianity’ offers a good as guide as any in a facts-vacuum and his figures which show how the percentage of Christians throughout the empire seemed to grow by a factor of between 4-5 every during a period of 50 years. From a modest population of 1000 Christians in AD 40, the power of a simple geometric progression ensured that by 300 AD there were over 6 million Christians in the Empire and by 350 AD this figure had increased to nearly 34 million, which in AD 350 was over half of the whole population of the Roman empire.

But what was the true guiding spirit of Constantine’s religious policy? Lactantius was a Christian apologist and the progenitor of the Christian church policy of a ‘flat Earth’. It is said that because he considered himself ‘Christian’ he had to automatically reject any science and philosophy which was non-Christian, which meant that he rejected all of the previous scientific discovery of the Greeks going back even to ancient Egypt who considered the Earth to be a sphere. The only thing flat about this reality is the registered brainwaves from this brainless fake Christian idiot who perhaps helped create what is known as ‘the dark ages’ a period where scientific discovery enters a retrograde phase because somehow Church authorities considered it contrary to the word of Jesus. Jesus has nothing to say about science and certainly has no position of opposition to it. Even in the old-testament the Earth is referred to as ‘round’ so what retrograde retarded philosophy was Lactantius really promulgating? Was it some kind of primitive retrograde philosophy merely disguising itself as Christianity?

It is also said that Lactantius’ works betray a total lack of knowledge about scripture and Christian principles, it seems that his job was more in the line of public relations, trying to make Christianity appeal to and fit in with the preexisting belief systems of the pagan elements of the population. He authored a tract entitled ‘De Ira Dei’ Of the wrath of God in which he justifies and explains the idea of an angry punishing God. A God it must be noted, which is entirely absent from the Christian New Testament and the ministry of Jesus, so what religion was Lactantius really advocating?

In the book Judaism of the second Temple period, the author David Flusser believes that Lactantius’ sources for his version of ‘Christianity’ are not Christian at all but Judaic-Hellenistic and that Constantine’s tutor and guide in all matters pertaining to Christianity, had little to no actual knowledge of the words of Jesus himself. Isn’t this an apt foreshadowing of the Catholic church which historically has seemed more interested in mother goddess worship and prescribing strict moral tenets on issues like homosexuality and birth control, which neither Jesus, nor indeed anyone mentioned in the New Testament ever expressed an opinion about. Simply put, Jesus had no interest on homosexuality or birth control because it wasn’t relevant to his ministry, so why were such things so central to Catholicism for so long? Perhaps because the source for Catholic religion is not Christian but Jewish. The Jewish old testament of course goes into great detail about homosexuality and the various punishments appropriate, not to mention the crimes of masturbation and birth control, as in the Old Testament tale of Onan the Barbarian.

“Then Judah said to Onan, “Lie with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother.” But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his; so whenever he lay with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so he put him to death also. (NIV, Genesis 38:8-10)”

Although it is argued that the actual passage itself does not specifically refer to birth-control as being the agentur to kindle God’s anger, more the willful deception on Onan’s part, and Catholic Church historian Thomas Bokenkotter agrees with this sentiment by his acknowledgement that the Catholic view was based only on an interpretation of this passage coupled also perhaps with certain views from the ancient world that the spermatozoa was a miniature human being or the ‘homunculus’ of the alchemists.

And do on the basis of a rather weird situation from Middle East social ménage we have the full force of Catholic prohibition of birth control and condoms in Africa and the full and frank liberty this gives to the merry old AIDS virus. This is precisely the kind of nonsensical legalism which Jesus tried to warn us about and it does seem strange that the same oppressive character of religious dictatorship which held sway in 1st Century Judea should by degrees continue to persecute Jesus and his followers despite bearing his name. This leads us to one of the great questions of the human condition, whether there is something innate in human beings that when they try to legislate spirituality and religious belief the result is always a borderline tyranny full of half-baked spurious oppressive nonsense. It might be the somewhat unknowable nature of the next life and its conditions which provide something of a blank slate for over-imaginative and over officious religious busy-bodies to exercise their own petty systems of control over vast swathes of people, or it might be something else. It is the ‘something else’ theory which is a far more interesting one yet much more elusive to track down. Is there something else at work behind the scenes which ensures that no matter who or what rules the country or the world, it is always ‘business as usual’.

Both Porphyr, the voice of Paganism and Christian opposition and his contemporary and associate Lactantius, were born in countries thousands of miles apart but which both shared one commonality: they were both countries settled by the Canaanite Phoenicians in ancient times. As we explored in my previous book ‘Cain’s Children’ we can detect the presence of this ancient Middle-Eastern bloodline operating throughout history and always engaging in Satanic worship and bloodthirsty mass human sacrifices under various pretexts. We can also detect in this bloodline some tell-tale physiological and psychological ailments which apparently characterize members of this bloodline and have often been prized by some groups throughout history as allowing these people to better communicate with unseen masters, spirits and demonic beings from whom some are said to receive orders and instructions in return for success in their endeavors. Such tales however receive little credence in today’s artificially constructed secular atheistic age, I say ‘artificial’ because it is clear to me that this is a construction of the media, the scientific establishment and the educational establishment, and it is a miss-direction to hide the fact that the world is actually ruled by secret societies of occultists who know indeed that spiritual powers and spiritual beings are very much a tangible reality, yet it is convenient to them to construct an outer-portico in the world of broad scientific secular atheism to better dissimulate the true nature of the secret control mechanism operating on planet Earth.

Additionally two of the principal Church Fathers, founders of the so called Christian church, Tertullian and Cyprian were both from Carthage, the great city of the Phoenicians. Tertullian was a great proponent of the Trinity, a concept taken straight from the Zohar. Cyprian, like Augustine of Hippo received a pagan education and later apparently converted to Christianity. Augustine introduced the concepts of Original Sin and Just War. Augustine too was born in Phoenician North Africa. Aren’t we starting to notice a preponderance of North African influence in the creation of the early church? Also the theme of educated and enthusiastic pagans ‘converting’ to Christianity and apparently bringing all of their pagan baggage with them when formulating the new religion they called Christianity but which had very little to do with the words or acts of Jesus.



The majority of the Church Fathers in fact came from distinguished and wealthy families, and more often than not, these people often spent a youth completely contrary to Christian values: engaging in homosexuality and libidinous sexual affairs. Again and again one notices the theme of apparent ‘sudden conversion’ at around the age of 30 to Christianity. In fact in the example of Augustine of Hippo it is believed that he abandoned Manichaeism because he could not rise to a position of power within its hierarchy.

The curious thing about all of the strict tenets of the Catholic Church is that they can be found in the Old Testament, but by no means, in the ministry of Jesus. It was precisely the divinely guided effort to re-imagine Jewish spirituality and rid it of empty ritual and meaningless stricture which was embodied by Jesus’ ministry on Earth, that the religion created in his name should so wholly fail in this regard and perpetuate on a massively increased global scale, the very same rigid systems of control and dogmatism which Jesus’ attempted to subvert, strikes of either some bizarre and tragic human satire or else a concerted diabolically orchestrated effort by the very same forces of control to exert themselves all the more. Perhaps indeed, this second is the case, and perhaps it is enough to be informed by a series of ideas originating in the original corrupt source, for those ideas to fertilize and bloom into the fullest tyranny of the original source. Perhaps these ideas are those which lie in the Kabbalah and it is this secret teaching which has always been present on Earth ready to manifest from occult theocracy into the machine of concrete human spiritual despotism.

So is it possible that the formation of the Roman Catholic Church was a Jewish sponsored creation, possibly even for the purpose of specifically expunging Christianity from the face of the Earth and replacing it with ‘their’ tyrannical version. Why else would the Catholic church for so many years actually prohibit personal ownership of a Bible and its translation into native languages under the pain of death? Pope Innocent III stated in 1199:

“… to be reproved are those who translate into French the Gospels, the letters of Paul, the psalter, etc. They are moved by a certain love of Scripture in order to explain them clandestinely and to preach them to one another. The mysteries of the faith are not to explained rashly to anyone. Usually in fact, they cannot be understood by everyone but only by those who are qualified to understand them with informed intelligence. The depth of the divine Scriptures is such that not only the illiterate and uninitiated have difficulty understanding them, but also the educated and the gifted.”

This became codified into church law in 1229 by the Church Council of Toulouse, and in 1234 AD the Church Council of Tarragona even ordered that anyone possessing books of the Old and New Testaments “must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days, so that they may be burned…”

The Council of Tolouse was called by Bishop Folquet de Marselha, a fierce opponent of the Cathars he was born into a noble Genoese trading family. Immediately this makes me think of the old Phoenician trading networks which were referenced in Cain’s Children and the resultant growth of the mediaeval banking network. This link between the church authoritarianism and the old Canaanite trading ports and networks may be coincidental or it may not, but in this mystery every lead and trail, no matter how tenuous or circumstantial needs to be considered and one may find that these threads do indeed lead to the discovery of a great tapestry of revelation and one may find that many of the mysteries which have plagued humanity for so long may thus be discovered at last.

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