Alphonse Louis Constant, more popularly known as Eliphas Levi is arguably the most famous continental occultist in history. He is most famous for designing an image of Baphomet which is well known to all students and critics of the occult.



As one of the major figureheads of the occult revival of the 19th century, Levi somewhat unexpectedly began life training to be a priest at the Seminary of Saint Sulpice in Paris. In his youth Levi was an ardent socialist and was repeatedly imprisoned by the French authorities

The Church of Saint Sulpice is the second largest church in Paris after Notre Dame, and was known as ‘The New Temple of Solomon’. It is built in a resoundingly classical style, and where it not for the two towers it would be unrecognizable as a church and could be mistaken for a particularly ornate government building or municipal theatre. The style of the church has been described as in the ‘Jesuit’ style.



The church of Saint Sulpice is said to be the headquarters of the society of Angels and is the headquarters of the Congregation of Saint Sulpice: a Catholic secret society based on the Jesuits and according to the spurious fiction of Dan Brown’s book, this organization was a cover for the Priory of Sion.

This church gained a new notoriety as a result of the Dan Brown novel, the Da Vinci Code as being the secret headquarters of the Priory of Sion. It is said that Abbe Sauniere made a remarkable discovery in his strange little church. He was then sent to Paris and the Church of Saint Sulpice by his bishop where he met a man called Emile Hoffet who was an expert in ancient languages and his uncle was the director of the seminary, the same one attended by a young Eliphas Levi. It is said that Saunier studied some paintings at the church although which ones we cannot know.

The paintings on display at Saint Sulpice include a mural by Eugene Delacroix of Jacob (or Israel) wrestling the angel as told in the Bible. Delacroix is far more famous for his images supporting the French revolution, such a the bare-breasted mythical Mariane urging forth an army of sans-culottes to do battle in Liberty Leading the People (1830) with the bourgeoisie and the church. Or his image of heroic Napoleon atop a strident steed rearing up on its hind legs to inspire his men to battle. Interestingly Eugene Delacroix was also a Freemason and possibly a member of the Illuminati, as he was photographed with the pose of the ‘hidden hand’.

The French Revolution, according to the research of Nesta Webster was orchestrated with Jewish money out of London:

“One fact, then, looms out of the darkness that envelops the secret power behind the Orléanist conspiracy, one fact of supreme importance, and based moreover on purely Jewish evidence: the Duke was in touch with Falk when in London and Falk supported his scheme of usurpation. Thus behind the arch-conspirator of the revolution stood ” the Chief of all the Jews.” Is it here perhaps, in Falk’s ” chests of gold,” that we might find the source of some of those loans raised in London by the Duc d’Orléans to finance the riots of the Revolution, so absurdly described as “l’or de Pitt” The direct connexion between the attack on the French monarchy and Jewish circles in London is further shown by the curious sequel to the Gordon Riots.”

The French Revolution probably had much in common with the staged and financed pussy-hatted idiots protesting Trump, since throughout history, some truths are eternal:

“Money and the hope of plunder are all-powerful with the people… Mirabeau cheerfully asserts that with 100 louis (d’or) one can make quite a good riot.”

Eugene Delacroix also painted the Massacre at Chios, painted some two years after the massacre itself by Ottoman forces landing on the Greek island of Chios and murdering some 20,000 civilians, men women and children. Interestingly a Greek survivor of the massacre, Georgios Stravelakis, was sold into slavery by the Ottomans and later converted to Islam to eventually become the Prime Minister of Tunis from 1837 to 1873 and undoubtedly was one of the personalities who paved the way for the acquisition of Tunisia by the French since the Ottoman state declared itself bankrupt in 1869 and was seized by the French in 1881 for the payment of Tunisian debts.

On the institute for Palestinian studies website, no doubt a front for the US Department of State and the CIA, I’m pretty sure ‘Institute of Studies’ whenever it appears is a euphemism for US intelligence, we can read Michelle Campos’ highly frank and somewhat over-excited article entitled Freemasonry in the Ottoman Empire.

And imagine my absolute lack of surprise when I learned that Michelle Campos was Jewish, since she seems to show nothing but delight for the Freemasonic Young Turks despite their key role in the genocide of at least 300,000 Christians. Imagine someone writing as gleefully about the growth of the Nazi party.

People like Michelle Campos are given doctorates and research fellowship grants as rewards for their ability to fabricate the historical record. Works by her and many other academic on a similar gravy train, become the voice of authority in matters of historical analysis and repeated and disseminated in the world at large by those students who studied at the prestigious educational establishments these liars call their lairs. Michelle Campos, apart from celebrating the Young Turks in an almost ejaculatory rhapsody of propaganda from the times of Madame Guillotine, is also a dab hand and covering up the causes of the Arab Israeli conflict and is keen to tell history that it was just a historical accident due to poor management during the Ottoman empire. Nothing to do with the Balfour declaration and the promise to Lord Rothschild that the British government would undertake to obtain Palestine somehow. It takes her a whole book to make this point and that seems to be the point that the more unlikely, improbably and fraudulent the thesis, the longer the academic must work in constructing their scaffold upon which to support their lie.

“Thus the Freemasonic lodges of the Ottoman Empire provided a fertile partnership for Young Ottomanist thinkers and reformers such as Namik Kemal.”

“Furthermore, while it is difficult to quantify the contribution of Freemasonry Lodges to the Young Turks before the revolution, a number of important Young Turks were active Masons, and hence the overlapping affinities of the two movements is clear.”

“Just two months after the Young Turk revolution, the annual assembly of the Grand Orient de France in Paris, included greetings and congratulations to ‘brother Masons’ within the CUP (committee for union and progress) and throughout the Ottoman Empire, articulating their support for the confluence of Freemasons and Young Turk ideals and goals.”

“Immediately following the revolution, Freemasonry flourished in the Ottoman Empire, particularly in the Arab and Balkan provinces.”

“Far from its origins as a closeted secret society pursued by the state and its secret police, during the Young Turk period, Freemasonry became legitimate and institutionalized as part of the new socio-political order.

Could it not be that the doctrine of fundamentalist Islam, as espoused and disseminated by Sufi/Freemasonic influenced groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, despite superficial appearances to the contrary, is still very much a tool of the Jewish elite? Could this be why groups like ISIS seem hardly interested in the cause of the Palestinians against Israel but instead seem intent on unseating Middle-Eastern government which oppose Israel.

Muslims are for the most part, very decent pious and kindly people, I should know because I’ve spent about ten years living and working in Muslim countries. They are however possibly one of history’s most tragic religious dupes in some respects. Having played their part in ridding the Christians from tens of thousands of miles of Christian lands from Libya to Jordan, from Turkey to Iraq, then providing a nesting place for the Edomite Jews for the next millennia in countries in which they would not have been tolerated under Christian rule, and that while living within their Muslim host countries, they plotted moves of their long game which would be to obtain Israel by force from the Arabs and spend the later-half of the twentieth century destabilizing Islamic Kingdoms and ancient dynasties in order to bring them more properly under their own control. The Jews achieved covert control over the Muslim world through the worldwide Marxist socialism movement which gained an absolute stranglehold over countries such as Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen while deposing their ancient monarchies. Morocco and Jordan were spared the loss of their monarchies in orchestrated coups engineered by Soviet trained Arabs, possibly because these two countries monarchs were from the Jewish Banu Hashem bloodline, and now the cultural vandalism wreaked on these Islamic republics is a gift of death and chaos that keeps on giving more and more position and power to Israel and world Jewry, the spider at the heart of all stratagems of death and destruction.

Although Islam destroyed Christian countries it resisted the Kabbalistic elements at that time. In such a way we have been served admirably on the one hand, but rather shortsightedly on the other. Islam is a force for good but in the persecution of Christians and the destruction and genocide of their people’s and cultures it has been used for great evil. Just like Christianity itself perhaps. A double-edged sword. Although it has served a purpose against Christianity right now, for the Illuminati, Islam is totally incompatible with their programme, although among the middle classes of countries like Morocco and Egypt through the Freemasonic Muslim Brotherhood in particular they have gained a remarkably strong foothold, but it isn’t enough. Without popular support they know they cannot proceed to the next level, besides Islam is an international movement and no Islamic country can be found or likely never will be found to totally diverge from the Islamic code. So there will be more bombs, terrorism and invasions for them, until they are totally dominated by either the Western powers or the destruction of their own infrastructures. For my part I side with the Muslims. I have spent many years in their countries and have felt at home here. Much more so than in the morally decayed west where the people do not see the butcher’s block their lack of moral of spiritual wisdom is leading them. Muslims will not be caught of guard quite so easily as we in the west have been.

Johan Valentin Andrae claimed to be the author of the near mythical text The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, and featured in the documents found at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, as the 17th Grand Master of the Priory of Sion. Also to feature heavily in the mythos of Rosicrucianism and the Priory of Sion were the characters of Abbe Louis Fouquet and Nicholas Fouquet who were the patrons of Nicholas Poussin. Nicholas Fouquet was the Superintendent of Finances to Louis XIV and a member of the Jesuit Society of the Blessed sacrament, like so many secret societies and Catholic orders, hides itself beneath the veneer of charity, but very little is known of this organization, such is the level of secrecy which has successfully been maintained for four hundred years, ‘protect the secret’.

Fouquet is tied in to the mystery of Rennes le Chateau by virtue of the following mysterious letter:

“He (Poussin) and I discussed certain things, which I shall be able to explain to fully quite easily – things which will give you, through Monsieur Poussin, (if you don’t disbelieve them) advantages which even Kings would have great trouble to extract from him, and according to him , perhaps no one in the world will ever hear in the centuries to come; and what’s more, this without much expense may even draw a profit, and these things being so hard to discover, that nothing now on Earth can have better fortune or be their equal” 17th April 1656.

“Beneath the alter of the church of Rennes-le-Chateau there is a chamber in which are tombs dating from the times of the ancient Kings, as well as documents which must not fall into unintended hands, I have had access to the crypts sealed.” Letter from Abbe Bigou, who was the incumbent prior to Sauniere.

Nicholas Fouquet was the King Louis 14th Superintendent of Finance which meant he directed the spending of the state in addition to negotiating with the great (likely Jewish) financers who lent money to the King. Cardinal Mazarin was the chief advisor to King Louis 14th. It seems that Louis XIV had some complaint against Nicholas Fouquet and upon the death of his mentor Mazrin in 1661 when Nicholas expected to take his place as head of the government, instead the 22 year old King had Fouquet arrested and underwent a length trial which seemed to break all the laws of the French legal code. It was clear that the King had some personal particular reason for wishing to depose one who had previously been so essential to the management of the French state. It is said that it was Fouquet’s dubious management of the French finances along with the expenditure of incredible sums towards his own personal aggrandizement, with chateaus and displays of the wealth which may have angered the King, but there are some strange details to this story which indicate that something else may have been involved. The Society of the Blessed Sacrament intervened to get the sentence the King demanded: Death, commuted to imprisonment but the King demanded that Fouquet be kept in strict solitary confinement and not permitted to speak to anybody and to receive no visitors and even the guards posted to him were forbidden to speak to him on pain of death. It is said that Fouquet served as the model for the Dumas’ novel The Man in the Iron Mask. The King then obtained Poussin’s mysterious Rennes le Chateau mystery painting The Shepherd of Arcadia, but kept the painting hidden and no one was allowed to view it without his express permission.

Could one surmise that Fouquet had come into possession of some dangerous secret and for this reason was hounded by the King whose stipulations that he be allowed to communicate with noone, might be in order to keep control of some secret so terrible that it could be a threat to the royal house and possibly even the church and state itself. Sounds like the start of a cheesy best-selling novel. Whatever the secret of Rennes Chateau it is unlikely to be something as prosaic and common place as a pot of gold. I would hazard possibly that the great secret he discovered hidden under the altar was an unknown gospel of Jesus Christ, one which to this day has remained hidden by the Church authorities.

So-called Cathar dualism is little more than the awareness that the Old Testament God was not the same as the New Testament God of Jesus’ ministry. In my opinion it is not necessary to call the Old Testament God ‘evil’ in any sense, since in all probability this God was merely a spirit being which had been adopted by the Israelites as their racial and religious protector, and he did just that, yet the Cathar heresy was clearly contrary to the Judaic influence which had informed the origins of the established church.

It is possible that the Cathars came to France some time in the 10th century after migrating from Armenia where they were known as the Paulicians, after a series of persecutions and genocides conducted against them from the 7th to the 9th century when Empress Theodora of the Eastern Empire had 100,000 thousand Paulicians put to death. In the Orthodox church Empress Theodora is venerated as a saint for allow the restoration of venerating icons after the period of Iconoclasm.

A great deal of nonsense is spoken about the Cathars. One mistake which many crystal gazing internet fools engage in is equating them with the ‘mystical adepts’ the Sufis and the Jewish Kabbalists. This is an appalling defamation and is the kind of ignorant noise which only those who know nothing whatsoever about the Sufis, Kabbalists or Cathars would engage in. There are some truly embarrassing web presences which use the name of the Cathars to vaunt their own new-age ego babble. One such writer has the Cathars meeting underground to commune with something he calls the ‘Almighty Creative Essence’, is that like a fragrant oil or something? I find this odd since the Cathars celebrated light why would they be creeping about underground looking for mystical essences? Such uninformed blabber makes one genuinely wonder what animates some people and it seems to betray an actual failure to understand what the Cathars were really about. There seems to be a widespread belief that the caves at Ornolac served as a ritualistic place of Cathar initiation but there is no evidence of any kind for such a claim apart from three half-baked websites incestuously sharing the same misleading information. It is possible that the Cathars hid in these caves while they were being persecuted but there is no reason or evidence to imagine that they conducted rituals of any kind here.

A lot of this nonsense comes from Rudolf Steiner and a deceased Glastonbury wizard Stanley Messenger, an aficionado of crop circles, King Arthur and Lucifer, and singularly failing to draw any correct conclusions about any of those subjects. One particularly noxiously silly website Anaiya Sophia decided that whatever fanciful nonsense they have made up about the Cathars should be the truth. Without doubt they probably ‘chanelled’ this information which is another way New-Age silly-billies justify the process known as ‘sheer invention’.

Some of this new-age creative extrapolation is based on Otto Rahn’s rather more scholarly, though hardly less erroneous 1930’s books to link the Cathar’s to the Holy Grail: Crusade Towards the Grail and Lucifer’s Court. Some have said that Otto Rahn was the inspiration for the character of Indiana Jones since he travelled widely around the world ostensibly engaged in a kind of historical treasure-hunt. It is probably no coincidence therefore that Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade unites Templars, Nazis and the Holy Grail, as a kind of distillation of the life-story of Rahn who was apparently a reluctant member of the SS after being courted by Heinrich Himmler who had taken an interest in his work. Rahn was eventually hunted by the Gestapo for resigning from the SS in 1939 and was found dead on the side of an Austrian mountain in a dubious suicide shortly afterwards.

Some of this extrapolation is more wishful thinking than good sense and puts the Cathars on the same level as the demonic Sufis and the creepy Kabbalists or even worse they try to put Catharism within the same context as the atheistic Pythagoreans, or even claim that the Cathars are related to ancient Egyptian companions of Horus and even Lucifer himself. Dr Leo Levitov, who in claiming to have deciphered the mysterious Voynich manuscript in his 1987 solution subtitled: A Liturgical Manual for the Endura Rite, the Cult of Isis, received notice from Terrence McKenna in his book The Archaic Revival and connected the Cathars to worship of Isis and Horus, where he outlines some of Levitov’s key conceits such as the mysterious illustrations of bathing ladies actually being examples of venesection, or Cathar ritual suicide, ‘Endura’ by bleeding to death in a warm bath, or of the drawings of unidentifiable botanical specimens being, without exception apparently drawn with symbols known to the Cathars and worship of Isis.

This is all highly unlikely, if anything the Voynich manuscript seems to resemble some kind of early work on detailing human anatomy, specifically possibly relating to the female reproduction system. The following website makes a good case for suggesting that the plants and fruits illustrated were specifically the fruit of the mandrake plant which may have been used as abortifacient or to ease child birth, since the Voynich manuscript features drawings of fruit which resemble mandrake fruit and the Latin words ‘ease’ and ‘relax’ have been identified in the text of the manuscript, as well as drawings of pregnant women:

Otto Rahn continues, perhaps into the depths of error, when he tries to depict Montsegur as being the Grail Castle, despite the Grail castle being safely located nearly a thousand miles away somewhere in Wales. He claims that German grail romance writer of Parsifal Wolfram von Eisenback locates the Grail castle in the Pyrenees when he does no such thing. Parsifal is set in Britain because King Arthur war British and the accounts of his life and his court at Camelot originate with the Welsh historian Geoffrey of Monmouth who compiled much of the contemporary King Arthur material in his book History of the Kings of Britain. King Arthur was not a French Cathar although the story of the Knights of the Round Table and the Holy Grail were greatly romanticized by the French writer Chretien de Troyes who also included a passing mention to a ‘grail’ or golden platter on which food was served, although it was not holy at this stage in its literary career, and seems to be some kind of relatively commonplace piece of material golden treasure, without any of the religious or supernatural elements which would later be ascribed to it, and is one of an assortment of special objects, such as a sword, a bleeding lance and a candelabrum. It is for this reason that I personally feel that the Holy Grail is a red-herring and has not deeper significance or existence except for being a fictional device for later supernatural agency. It is possible that there were some kind of spiritual metaphors which were later represented by the Holy Grail, but the quest for any kind of literal object would be as fruitless as looking for gold at the end of the rainbow, even for either Indiana Jones or a former Nazi SS officer.

The Holy Vehm of the Catholic church, 15th Century Germany, a proto Soviet style secret police. This organization was a secret fraternal organization devoted to punishment and murder. It had its own initiation rites and secret oaths which must be kept under pain of death. The Vehm was so popular that at one point there were 100,000 judges of the Vehm in Germany, one assumes that the popularity was a result of feeling that it was better to be an instrument of the Vehm than a victim of it. Incredibly this secret terror and murder organization lasted from the 13th century to sometime in the 18th century, spanning an incredible period of 500 years from the Gothic age to the Baroque. Their symbol was a red cross on a white background.

These tribunals were known as Rose Cross, in 1371 they were reinforced by the wandering and outlawed Templars. They reemerged in the 1930’s working with the Nazis as their strong-arm men.

The following passage from Nesta H Webster’s classic of the genre: Secret Societies and Subversive Movements sheds some light on the historical importance of the Rose-Croix within the hierarchy of the secret society network:

“The most illuminating passage in the whole of M. Copin Albancelli’s book is where he describes an experience that befell him after he had taken the degree of Rose-Croix. It was then that one of his superiors took him aside and addressed him in the following terms: “You realize the power which Freemasonry has at its disposal. We can say that we hold France. It is not because of our numbers, since there are only 25,000 Freemasons in this country [this was in 1889]. Nor is it because we are the brains, for you have been able to judge of the intellectual mediocrity of the greater number of these 25,000 Freemasons. We hold France because we are organized and the only people who are organized. But above all, we hold France because we have an aim, this aim is unknown; as it is unknown, no obstacle can be put in its way; and finally, as no obstacle is put up, the way is wide open before us. This is logical, is it not?” “Absolutely.” “Good. But what would you say of an association which instead of consisting of 25,000 nonentities as in Freemasonry, were composed of, say, only a thousand individuals, but a thousand individuals recruited in the manner that I will tell you.” And the Freemason went on to explain the way in which such individuals were selected, the months and years of observation, of supervision, to which they were subjected, so as to form a body of picked men inside Freemasonry capable of directing its operations. “You can imagine the power at the command of such an association?” “An association thus selected would do anything it chose. It could possess the world if it pleased.” Thereupon the higher adept, after asking for a further promise of secrecy, declared: “Well, in exchange for this promise, Brother Copin, I am authorized to let you know that this association exists and that, further, I am authorized to introduce you into it.”

The transliteration of Parsifal’s Grail castle known as Munsalvaesche, translated into French as Mont Salvat, to be identified by writers such as to the Cathar stronghold of Mont Segur is a fine example of what writer Richard Barber in his down to Earth and thoroughly reasonable book The Holy Grail: History of a Legend identifies as ‘dubious etymology’. He appears to be equally tired with the attempts to weave Catharism into a greater religious mystical framework, the work of Otto Rahn has been particularly unhelpful in this regard which, instead of analyzing the vacuum left about the Cathars by the church’s systematic destruction of all trace of information the Cathars, instead of perhaps more wisely attributing to them at least a more authentic Christian tradition to them than the Catholic church instead he tried to foist Hinduism upon the poor dead Cathars who are sadly not present to deny such imputations. It was Maurice Magre who for reasons best left to himself, decided that the Holy Grail was a Cathar legend, when it was in fact a Templar one. I can only surmise some kind of dark satire at work, connecting the myths of the Crusading armies which destroyed and burned the Cathars alive, to the Cathars themselves.

Many writers and historians have said that the Cathars were influenced by Manicheism. Manicheism believes that light is imprisoned in the world of matter and that upon the dissolution of the human body the light contained within its material prison can return to its source, if it has reached self-realization or enlightenment, or be reincarnated. It is ironic that Manicheism became the principal rival to Christianity since Manicheism had much more of Jesus’ message within it than the Christian church which seemed more obsessed with Earth dogma and endless internecine squabbles. While the Christian Church was firmly planted on the chessboard of planet Earth, on the one hand murdering its opponents in one turn and feeding the poor on the next turn, so attempting to balance its karmic debts and play the Tree of Life game, the Manicheists were firmly rooted to their white square and sought transcendence from the chessboard by merging into the light of the white square. Mani himself declared that he was ‘an apostle of Jesus Christ’, so in this sense Manicheism is a heretical form of Christianity. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Cathars celebrated Manisola as a holiday and initiation event of the Cathar Perfecti.

The pagan emperor Diocletian, with the same fervor as his ‘Christian’ counterpart Pope Innocent III decreed against the Manicheist: “We order that their organizers and leaders be subject to the final penalties and condemned to the fire with their abominable scriptures.”

It is not certain what element of their scriptures Diocletian considered abominable, it is unlikely there was anything in their possession which could rival in degree of abomination, the actual act of ordering people to be burned alive because of their personal religious beliefs. And yet we find this same Roman mindset survived in all its simple-minded brutality long into the late middle ages in the form of the Roman Catholic Church. Perhaps there is a reason after all that the Catholic church styles itself as ‘Roman’ and celebrates the same feasts as the pagans of the old Roman Empire such as the feast of Mithras, the Saturnalia and Easter. Is the Roman Catholic Church nothing after-all but a continuation of the Roman Empire, with its paganism thoroughly intact beneath the mirage of a Christian edifice. The church after all has shown itself to be Christian only in name and not, not even in the smallest observable morsel, to be Christian in deed. In 354 Hilary of Poitiers noted that Manicheism was a significant force in Southern Gaul, precisely the area delineated as Languedoc and the region which would be later known as Cathar lands.

Theodosius I was the last emperor to directly reign over both the Eastern and Western halves of the Empire and was the first emperor to enforce the Nicene creed and made Nicene Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, other Christians who did not adhere to the specific Catholic Nicene creed he termed ‘foolish madmen’. One wonders then about the mental landscape of such people, might one not be allowed to term something of their character ‘pathological’, for to be largely in agreement with other Christians but perhaps to disagree on maybe one or two small legalistic points one is consigned the appellation ‘madmen’ and hunted down and persecuted with inhuman ferocity. Theodosius then went on to elaborate on the confusing and wholly unnecessary creed of the trinity, which had become central to Nicene Christianity, despite it having its actual conceptual origins in the Jewish Zohar.

The Creation of Church Tyranny

Nicene Christianity was established by the Edict of Milan in 313 AD which gave the Christian religion religious legal status within the Empire and is the basis of all nominally Christian churches presently operating in the world. It was here that Constantine I made the trinity an article of faith and cornerstone of the church yet it is based on one little line, a mere rhetorical device found in Matthew 28:19.

The Nicene creed established Jesus has having equal status with God and the existence of the trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit, it also recognizes and codifies the supremacy of the Catholic church as being the ONLY church of Jesus and Christianity. “We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic church,” from the Nicene creed was the beginning of the state’s usurpation of Christ’s ministry.

What is the origin of the trinity which is apparently so centrally important to the RC church? It is in the Jewish Zohar Tetragrammaton where we find the specific Catholic doctrine of the Trinity first expressed:

“Come and see the mystery of the word YHVH: there are three steps, each existing by itself, nevertheless they are One, and so united that one cannot be separated from the other. The Ancient Holy One is revealed with three heads, which are united into one, and that head is three exalted.”

Simeon bar Yochai was said to be the author of the Zohar and also expressed strong sentiments against non-Jews which many writers and cultural commentators argue, still informs Judaism today and is strongly expressed in the Talmud:

“Best of gentiles kill it, best of snakes cut its head, the most pious of women is prone to sorcery.”

In Secret Societies and Subversive Movements Nesta Webster details how Jewish pseudo Messiah Jacob Frank sought to use the proof that the Trinity can be found in the Zohar as means to escape persecution from the church:

“The persecution to which he was subjected by the Rabbis led the Catholic clergy to champion his cause, whereupon Frank threw himself on the mercy of the Bishop of Kaminick, and publicly burnt the Talmud, declaring that he recognized only the Zohar, which, he alleged, admitted the doctrine of the Trinity. Thus the Zoharists claimed that they regarded the Messiah-Deliverer as one of the three divinities, but failed to state that by the Messiah they meant Shabbethai Zevi. The Bishop was apparently deceived by this manoeuvre, and in 1759 the Zoharites declared themselves converted to Christianity, and were baptized, including Frank himself, who took the name of Joseph.”

There is perhaps a certain irony that upon making Nicene Christianity the official religion of the Empire and ordering the banning of the ancient pagan rituals which had, it was believed, sustained the Empire for so long, that the Empire effectively began its eventually fall by breaking up into two halves, until finally the Western Empire withered and died.

Gnostic dualists are keen to point out the opposites in everything in creation, good and bad, up and down, black and white, and this mythos is central to the Freemasonic religion which borrows these ideas extensively from the ancient world and the Kabbalah. However the God of Jesus is more than just a white square on a Masonic chequerboard, the ministry of Jesus was all about transcending the chess board in the first place, there is no idea of duality in Jesus’ ministry, only of escape from the chessboard.

The Kabbalistic tree of life has two pillars, the left-hand path or ‘female’ pillar of Severity, and the right hand ‘masculine’ path of Mercy. The central pillar is the path of equilibrium, and it is apparently in balancing these two forces, in creating a synthesis of dualism, that the initiate rises to higher awareness. So this is why Freemasons feel they can sexually molest children with impunity, because at the same time, they raise money for children’s homes. They feel that in mediating their karma they are travelling happily up the tree of knowledge. Doing a bit of good here, a bit of evil there, but always on the up and up. Moving on the chessboard, from a black square to a white square and so on.

The Cathars believed God was an abode of light and one could say that in a spiritual sense, the Cathars had a knowledge of the quantum realm, since it is my belief that God is indeed found within the mysterious realm of transcendent light and they wisely rejected the Kabbalistic Trinity of the Catholic church. The Cathars were Christians not Gnostics. True Christians believe that the world is controlled by an evil force, which Jesus called Satan. Gnostics however wish to experience this fact for themselves. They wish to ‘know’ it for sure, hence Gnosis of ‘knowing’ not faith. For the Cathars I doubt there were any initiatory ordeals which could create this sense of perceiving evil in the world directly which would be tantamount to eating straight from the forbidden tree. The forbidden tree is the Kabbalah tree of life and making progress along it, balancing your Kama between severity and mercy, between evil and goodness, and experiencing the strange rituals and manifestations which the Kabbalah group will lay on for you, will eventually lead you to attaining Kether, the Gnosis and the full awareness of the human soul.

However the situation is quite as the Cathars believe, that the human soul is here trapped in materialism, and the Illumination of the Kabbalah leads not to any real liberation of the mind or spirit, but the sure knowledge of its imprisonment. This leads the vast majority of Kabbalists to reject God and indulge their senses to try to obtain what pleasure they can from their condition. Sex in particular is a major ‘sacrament’ of the Kabbalah, just as it is in Crowley’s OTO because sexual activity has the effect of briefly offering some mental relief from the depressing psychological effect of the Gnosis. I was in correspondence some time ago with a young man who claimed to be attending an Illuminati college who told me that the Illuminati use sex as a way to fend off schizophrenia since sex has the effect of reconnecting the mind with the physical body and away from the schizoid burden of being a partially detached spirit which is effectively what schizophrenia as a psycho-spiritual condition amounts to.

Arguably by rejecting the Catholic Kabbalah, the Kabbalistic powers of the church in turn rejected them since in 1145 Bernard of Clairvaux leader of Cistercian order who in 1128 attended the Council of Troyes and drew up the rules of the nascent Knights Templar visited the Cathars. Bernard of Clairvaux, in common with the dogma of the Catholic Church, held Mary in special esteem and she was known as The Queen of Heaven, a name which was also used by those who worshipped Isis, Astarte, Juno, Hera, or by any name by which the female pagan Goddess archetype was known as. It is tragically ironic that those who were so busy persecuting those true Christians who it is claimed were practicing heresy were perhaps only heretics to the pagan Isis and Kabbalah trinity worship of the Catholic church. The true heretics to Christianity was the church itself.

Dominic Guzman was the founder of the Dominican order which established the first formal Catholic Inquisition. He is reported to have said of the Cathars:

“Preaching and entreaty have failed us, you will now receive the stick.” On March 10th 1208 Pope Innocent III called for Crusade against the Cathars. Arnold Armaury was the originator of the phrase: “Kill them all and let God sort them out.” He reported that: “Nearly twenty thousand of the citizens were put to the sword, regardless of age and sex. The workings of divine vengeance have been wonderful”. From this we can gather that clearly greatly enjoyed killing women and children, as the word ‘wonderful’ seems to indicate, it is clear that the man was what we might term a psychopath and we often find in the instances of serial killers and murders that they attribute their murders in some strange way to some kind of divine mission, whether it is through the pulsion of voices in their heads or strange delusions which have a twisted logic of their own which despite appearing nonsense to a sane man, might be enough to capture the mind of a mad one. It is therefore probably that such a personality as Arnold Armaury was a mad man whose mind had been captured by the strange logic of the Catholic church into sharing a delusion powerful enough to revel in the deaths of blameless women and children.

Simon de Montfort took Carcassonne after the Cathars had been evicted and his son became known for setting up the first English parliament which stripped Henry II of his unlimited power and then became the defacto ruler of England. It is he that Leicester’s De Montfort university is named after. The cruelty of his father Simon de Montfort was exceptional. He reportedly cut of the ears and noses, and the top lips revealing the upper teeth, of his Cathar prisoners as well as gouging out their eyes. In a terrible parody of the Biblical expression ‘In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is King’ is allowed the leader to keep one eye, and thus released these disfigured and helpless prisoners back out into the world.

Again, one cannot help but think there is something more than mere humanity to this cruelty. Clearly there is nothing of Jesus or Christianity in such treatment, so what is it? Beyond malicious psychopathy we find a terrible cunning which uses extreme violence and acts contrary to the religion it claims to be advocating. Do we have something Satanic at last in the character of Simon de Montfort? And what questions might the supreme rise to power and success of his son raise from an ethical and philosophical point of view. The question one asks of these bloodthirsty tyrants of history is why does the world reward evil with such success. Is there something in the machinery of the world which bends itself to the will of the most brutal and murderously psychopathic. If so, why? Might this be what Jesus meant when he said ‘friendship with the world is enmity against God’. Does the world simply reward evil? What could be the mechanism for this system?

The Roman Church, to be blunt, is an instrument of Satan. It is an institution which developed from Roman morality and ethics, and those revolved around the use of force, torture and genocide to enact their foreign policy. The Roman Church governed its territories in exactly the same way as the Roman Empire governed its foreign territories. There is no difference. There is nothing of Jesus which has moderated the Roman temperament and Jesus exists only as a name which has been borrowed. It might just as well be Jupiter and Venus which the Roman Catholic Church reveres as Jesus and Mary since they are just names without any deeper meaning. The Roman Catholic Church represents the defeat of Christianity and the adoption of Theodosius of Christianity as the official Roman religion represents the greatest disaster to befall the followers of Jesus since the crucifixion and murder of the apostles. Those who are members of the Catholic church are brought away from God not closer to him. This can be done in many different ways. In the Catholic orphanages and children’s homes the old priests and bishops would sexually molest the children, ensuring that they were traumatized and estranged from god and inner peace. Sexual trauma to a child has many effects but the most pronounced one is the loss of security in the self. The loss of peace and comfort to be replaced by anxiety, tension and fear and this can develop in later life into schizophrenia. This leads to the same sense of estrangement from the self which the Kabbalah Gnosis furnishes its deluded followers the direction to, to quote the sentry from Macbeth, ‘the primrose way to the everlasting bonfire.’

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  1. "why does the world reward evil with such success. Is there something in the machinery of the world which bends itself to the will of the most brutal and murderously psychopathic. If so, why?"
    This "reality" is a game for some enormous entity. It has its rules. The good is harrassed hardly, so only the best humans are resist. This raise the bet.

    I recommand you to read this article:

    Vasi Lud

  2. Only the strong people break all the veils of lies and resist to this endless attack of conscience. The good of self-conscience is tempted at all levels. The evil is trying to degrade the good in the conscience at every weak point.
    Listen to a warrior of the good, even he has some swearing language.

    Vasi Lud

  3. I found two truthers that rised that question: why this world seems to reward evil and punish good? I meditate about it and I answer this: the evil entity that is tempting the good consciences have a pleasure in degrading the good in humans. Totally degradation. The pact with the devil is a real and dangerous thing. It is not necessarly a contract signed with blood, but every consent to moral compromise. Obviously, the majority of humans are tricked to make a decision like that, small at first, but guiding slowly to a path of moral decay. Lucifer calls it deprogramation. So the people who accept this are many, but the people who refuse it are a few. They are real fighters for the concept of good. Bob Dylan says in a recorded interview that he made the faustian bargain. "“It goes back to that destiny thing. I mean, I made a bargain with it, you know, long time ago. And I’m holding up my end … to get where I am now,” says Dylan.

    And with whom did he make the bargain? “With the chief commander,” says Dylan, laughing. “In this earth and in the world we can’t see.”

    The few people that resist the deal with the evil are pushed to a path of scarcity, lack of power, lack of authority, poverty, solitude. They may have a life full of failures, accidents, loses, grief, harrasments, chicaneries.
    The exorcist of the Vatican, Gabriele Amorth, tells in his second book (I vaguely remember that it is called Nouveaux récits d'un exorciste) that he encountered people with bad luck in life, they had been not possessed or cursed, but they were targeted by a hostile force. Today we could call them Targeted Individuals.
    (I am not a suporter of church or any institution, but sometimes we can find interesting information in this kind of books. I stay far away from every institution or doctrine or -ism or trend of thinking).

    In the end, you could be interested to watch the testimony of a truther who refused the faustian bargain with the evil, he rejected Lucifer. I feel that he is genuine and he tells the truth.

    I wish you inner force and strong will and growing awareness!

    Vasi Lud

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