The Mystery of Adrenochrome



In the free Tokyo English language ex-pat newspapers and magazines one finds,
at least when I lived there, advertisements and notices which raise many
questions in themselves. If you were to go there now and thumb through the
classifieds and jobs sections, the chances are you will find offers of certain
kinds of special employment available exclusively to Filipino women. One such
advert I found said something along the lines of: “wanted, psychically gifted
Filipinos for ethical work in Tokyo area…” This raises two main questions
immediately. Firstly, are there various agencies which know that psychic powers
exist and they can use them for some purpose? Secondly if it is necessary for
them to make the distinction that the work offered is ‘ethical’ then what else
is going on out there behind the scenes involving ‘psychically gifted
Filipinos’ which is not ethical?

What these ‘psychically gifted’ women or ‘witches’ as I
would classify the bunch I happened to be sharing a house with, seemed able to
do: and a South African Shaman friend of mine later confirmed to me that it was
something she could also do, was to be able to project their consciousness into
the mind of another person.

In the book The Chasm of Fire, Irene Tweedie documents a
woman’s experience in India studying under a Sufi shaman. In the account she
details the occurrence of her mentor actually entering her mind at night time
and projecting all sorts of unsettling and unpleasant images into her mind.
Most of the images are of a sexual nature and Tweedie fails to understand the
process and why her mentor is doing such a thing to her. Eventually she comes
close to a nervous breakdown and becomes very lonely and depressed to such an
extent that she abandons the training.

The process which Irene Tweedle had chosen to enrol
herself in and later abandoned, was a deliberate attempt by her Sufi mentor to
drive her insane through the relentless terror and shock of the visions he was
implanting in her mind. To Tweedle this made no sense, but if she had known
perhaps that schizophrenia is the key to the Sufi ‘enlightenment’ and indeed
the key goal of all such secret society initiatory programmes, then this
knowledge would have allowed her to make sense of what was happening to her,
although perhaps knowing the method to the madness may actually impede that
goal. It is harder to be scared of the unknown if the unknown becomes known and
difficult to remain in a state of confusion about the purpose if one can see
that confusion IS the purpose.

But madness or schizophrenia isn’t quite the mystery it
appears, in fact there is a clear bio-chemical origin behind the transformation
from sanity to what is generally termed ‘insanity’. Barbara O’Brien reveals in
her book that she:

“…became very curious about the psychiatrists who suspected
a relationship between schizophrenia and a dysfunction of the adrenal gland.”

conditions of mental or physical stress the body produces adrenalin. There’s no
mystery here and this process is well understood by most people. What is
slightly more arcane and what has caused a stir in the truth community is
adrenochrome. Unfortunately, a lot of what the truth movement is saying about
adrenochrome is unfortunately wrong. The elite do not drink it as some kind of
elixir of eternal youth, this is all disinformation and nonsense.

is oxidised adrenalin, that is adrenalin which has gone bad. It is a neurotoxin
and free-radical and is not something you want in the body. Adrenalin is
produced in the body as a result of stress and anxiety, and it naturally
degrades to adrenochrome, however in a healthy body and with a small release of
adrenalin, it is safely scavenged by anti-oxidants in the body and excreted.
However, if the period of stress, anxiety or prolonged uncertainty, can be
sustained over a long time, then the release of adrenalin becomes continuous
and the body can no longer safely scavenge the adrenochrome toxin and it starts
to build up in the body. 

is a psychoactive compound; its effects are somewhat like LSD but whereas a bad
LSD trip will eventually wear off, adrenochrome build up, in a suitably
stressed or terrorised individual, will not wear off: leading to a potentially
permanent condition of what is effectively intoxication by a powerful
psychoactive compound running perpetually through the bloodstream. This
condition is known as schizophrenia. Dr Abraham Hoffer’s work in identifying adrenochrome
as the ‘schizophrenia’ toxin as well as the possibility of treatment with high
doses of niacin also known as vitamin B3, would clear up some of the great
mysteries of our times as well as almost instantly solving the world-wide
mental illness epidemic; but there are powerful vested interests who perhaps
would lose countless millions of dollars in such an event.

is not an elixir of life, it does not have any positive effects on the body.
Hoffer conducted experiments with the ingestion of Adrenochrome and reported
his findings in his research paper entitled
The Effect of Adrenochrome
and Adrenolutin on the Behavior of Animals and the Psychology of Man.

Previously Hoffer had apparently administered adrenochrome
to various creatures including
spiders, fish, and pigeons to the mammals
including rats, cats, dogs, monkeys.  One
wonders how the spiders felt about being given adrenochrome, one suspects none
of the animals had a particularly good trip.

To quote from the paper:

“Some of the changes produced by adrenochrome may persist
several days, and in some cases, the effects lead to nearly disastrous results.

The changes in thinking induced by adrenochrome are
similar to those observed in schizophrenia. Adrenochrome causes an elective
inhibition of the process, which determines the content of associative

The mind under a burden of adrenochrome enters a
different state of consciousness. Schizophrenia is basically a form of
consciousness and it is precisely this state which the UFO cults, the secret
societies and Sufi mentors are trying to induce.

The scientific explanation for how it works is complex
but basically adrenochrome is antagonistic to GABA fluid. GABA fluid is an
electrical brain insulator which keeps the brain synapsis and neurons under
control by reducing electrical charge. With adrenochrome the electromagnetic
structure of the mind is totally changed. The usual natural dampening
mechanisms of the brain’s physiology which control the mind, and one might even
say, protect the soul from too much awareness in the physical realm, are
bypassed leading to a break-down in the mechanism of control over the mental
processes of the mind and that sense of estrangement from reality which so familiar
to the schizophrenic.

Where things get really strange is that some of the
experiences which go along with this altered state of consciousness are not
necessarily unreal because they are taking place in altered consciousness. For
instance, if you are sleeping you are in a different level of consciousness.
What is happening in your dream to your unconsciousness mind is real for that
level of consciousness. When you are awake you are in a different level of
consciousness, and in effect, a different level of reality.

The adrenochrome experience, actually puts you in a
different level of reality and this level of reality is shared by high level
Illuminati people and other types who have had specific experiences which have
put them in this same level of reality. While in this level of reality they can
hear each other’s thoughts and are able to perceive demonic and spiritual
energies. The Illuminati consider this the peak of human development and call
it ‘Illumination’. They deliberately induce this state because they find it
allows them to have psychic and clairvoyant faculties because the brain is
operating beyond its normal limits. We find this curious attitude even within
the scientific community as attested by Barbara O’Brien:

“Consider the most extreme of the theories. ‘I am almost
convinced,’ said one biologist, ‘that the schizophrenic is an attempt on the
part of nature at forming a mutation.’

the ancient cults believed that there were ways to access altered states of
consciousness and in these states, they could communicate with the unseen
spirits, or ‘Gods’. Every culture in the world has a mythology that the Gods
taught them the various crafts, arts and skills which enabled the human race to
create the first civilisations within a time frame reaching back to the last
10,000 years, a period which coincides with the end of the last ice-age.

oracles of the ancient world were usually people who through various methods,
existed in a semi-permanent state of altered consciousness which allowed them
to see the future and contact the unseen spirit world. Such abilities have
always been lauded by the occult and secret-world which has always existed
since the very dawn of human civilisation, after all, it would seem that these
people were instrumental in gaining such knowledge using occult methods, if the
ancient records which come up time and time again are to be believed and since
the records all seem to say the same thing regardless of the geographical
location, then there must be some truth behind these myths.

to the psychoanalyst who treated me, spontaneous recoveries are rare and weird
events in advanced schizophrenia and when they occur they present a mysterious
spectacle – that of a mind walking out of a fourth dimension into which it has
been propelled”

For a
schizophrenic to describe their condition as being propelled into the fourth
dimension is quite apt, though for some they consider the feeling like being in
hell, or even like being in a state of living death. One can see how such an
enigmatic and mysterious state of reality might have become the interest and
domain of a particular group of people a very long-long time ago in human
history. There is even the possibility that the ‘curse of Cain’ refers to this
condition but this is superstition and theorising and nothing more.

a brief psychotic episode was also a feature of many of the ancient mystery
school initiations: a figurative period in the underworld mired in despair and
the fear of death only to pass beyond and out of this realm, back to the realm
of life, but this time transformed and with the sure knowledge that there is a
whole mysterious hidden realm behind the scenes or normal consciousness; this
state being induced either through various trials and tribulations, or through
fasting and the ingestion of psycho-active compounds.

O’Brien seems to see her experience in these terms, almost like a kind of
journey through madness and return to normalcy:

guidance was clearer than the planning. I had been maneuvered into a hospital
when I unconsciously suspected pneumonia; maneuvered into visiting a doctor
when I unconsciously suspected a mastoid; maneuvered to a mountain cabin when I
was exhausted from bus traveling; provided with a flashlight so that I wouldn’t
fall on a dark road; rescued from a mountain lion; maneuvered out of the
mountain cabin the morning after the mountain lion incident; reminded
punctually of meal times and the necessity for eating; reminded punctually
the last month) of the need for brushing my teeth and
other grooming. Whatever mental level the guidance had come from, it was
clearly some level other than the this-is-I dry beach, and it had made certain
that the organism was kept in good physical condition while the dry beach was
incapable of providing the car

The planning was almost as obvious. Even on the first
day, the voices had sketched in the picture of things to come. This was an
experiment the Operators had told me. My mind was going to be controlled by
Operators and I should have to be cooperative for my own sake as well as for
theirs. And Nicky had added, as if the success of the experiment were being
weighed, I would have one chance in three hundred of escaping the Operators and
I would have to be lucky in the bargain. I had been manoeuvred away from home,
where publicity of my insanity would have made life difficult after sanity had
been regained, and where also there existed a company for which I persisted in
working and toward which I had developed long established, difficult-to-change
attitudes. I had been induced into riding Greyhound buses, where I could sit in
schizophrenic apathy while I lived in my mental world, a state of being almost
identical on the surface with the usual bus passenger who stares at the
landscape, his mind on inner reflections. I had been coaxed into writing
letters that would keep the home folk happy, manoeuvred to California by the
Lumberjacks, figures apparently created for that very purpose, and had been
induced to stay in California for the final act. And when the fall of the final
curtain was sense

It had occurred in an article by a psychiatrist who had
cautiously avoided jumping into the lake of guesswork and who, instead, had
stood on the center of a seesaw and observed carefully both sides of all the
mysteries of schizophrenia. One of these observations was, “Whether the
schizophrenic really creates a dream world intentionally and purposefully, or
whether he finds himself in one is debatable.”

It is
possible that she has rationalised it thus since she has the luxury of having
sanity to put the experience into some kind of rational framework. Most people
having such an experience of schizoid-psychosis of this kind are not so lucky and
have to remain permanently in the underworld.








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