US Military UFO’s. Eye-Witness Accounts.

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The hugely popular radio talk show Open Mind with Bill Jenkins was something of an America cultural institution all through the 80’s and had such an extensive and eclectic listening audience that even self-confessed long-time listener Deforest Kelly, better known Bones, the ship’s doctor from Star Trek, once called-in to share his experience of seeing a UFO.

One particularly interesting episode featured Leonard Stringfield, public relations manager for NICAP and writer of several books on the alleged retrieval of UFO’s and alien bodies, talking about crashed UFO’s. While most of the guests on this show seemed a little too inclined to believe that UFO’s were coming from a distant solar system a couple of callers joined the show and somewhat upset the apple-cart.

I frankly, consider Leonard Stringfield to be one of ‘the Manipulators’ an agent deliberately working to perpetuate myths about UFO’s and ascribing their existence to ‘little green (or grey) men’. The twofold reasons for the creation of the fake alien agenda are as we have previously seen with the research and investigations of Jacques Vallee: to promote destruction of the old order of society for a secret group with an agenda of social-transformation and simultaneously provide cover for the development of secret military technology. 

It is particularly remarkable that during one of their interviews a caller called David tells the story of how, very early in the morning of 10th December 1964, he saw a UFO when he was on duty, guarding the motor pool, at Camp Forsythe military base in Kansas.

While on guard he was relieved by a soldier in a truck, but instead of going back to the barracks where the guards slept, they drove away from the camp. Coming to a stop he saw two other enlisted men, from a specialist force class and a number of officers. The first thing that struck him as strange was that the men were usually given only three rounds of ammunition, but now each was given a full clip from the back of a truck. 

He was told that a secret aircraft from Offutt Air Force base Nebraska had become disabled and come down somewhere near the camp. They hiked three or four hills, taking about thirty-five to forty-five minutes, it was quite dark, when all of a sudden, he heard a thrashing sound: it was a Huey helicopter with a bright beam scanning the ground, then all of a sudden it moved over the ground ahead and dramatically lit up a large round disc shaped object, some hundred and fifty feet away.

“My god it looks like a flying saucer” he remembers saying jokingly.

It looked like hamburger bun, and he noticed something like a fan or a large round port opening like a large exhaust port. He moved closer to the object, and at about a foot from the object he noticed warm air coming from the saucer.

Then they were told to leave as they were no longer needed. They were told never to reveal or repeat what they had seen because it was a secret object from Offutt air-force base, and as he wondered to himself later, why if that thing was paid in 1964 with taxpayer dollars why hasn’t it been revealed now?

Despite hearing such an amazing first-hand account Leonard Stringfield and Bill Jenkins seemed almost underwhelmed, and Stringfield in particular continued to drone on about the things his sources had told him about seeing the bodies of aliens and spent a long seemingly interminable while just trying to waste airtime by going on in general terms about his sources and how he can’t name them because of what might happen to them, meanwhile David several times tried to get a word in, but was rebuffed and ignored by the host and Stringfield. 

It seemed clear that his story didn’t ‘fit’ with what they were trying to achieve, indeed, in a subsequent episode Bill Jenkins and Leonard Stringfield both agreed that anyone saying the UFO’s are part of a secret military programme and not alien technology are part of a deliberate disinformation campaign.

It was only by sheer good fortune that another caller, Louie, called in after an interminable delay during which Stringfield played for time and seemed determined to try to block David and show no interest or even refer to his story.

Louis was serving with the National Guard at Wichita Kansas and recounts how they were taken to Camp Ripley in Minnesota during June 1964. They were part of some kind of night-time war-games simulation and had been trained on how to use special night vision scopes, and were told that a special assault group was going to attack them and they were not to move from their positions under any circumstances. However, after midnight he got tired of sitting in the same foxhole and went for a walk to stretch his legs, he heard something so he hid himself so he wouldn’t get in any trouble for disobeying instructions.

He saw a soldier with a different kind of uniform and a different kind of helmet, and he had some kind of special night sighting device which looked more advanced than his and also his weapon looked different, like a sub-machine gun but smaller. He followed him for a while and the man seemed to suspect that he was being followed but every time he turned around the Louis managed to hide himself. Then suddenly Louis could no longer see the man and following his footprints he saw that they ended suddenly. He wondered where he had gone, and saw a tree and cursed himself because it must be that he had climbed the tree and had got the best of him. 

Then the air was strangely warm and there was a down-draft and he noticed that strangely there were no stars in the sky, he looked and saw that above him was a large black circular object blocking out the night sky. He heard a metal door slide away and heard electronic sounds and something like the sound of hydraulic equipment. There was a kind of gentle warm air current beneath the saucer, and he thought that this was connected to the form of propulsion. There was no motor noise, just a whine of electronic equipment; he was so startled he fell backwards on the ground. There were red black-out lights inside the open square door and he could hear voices talking inside about 40 feet above him.

He now felt that he was in way over his head and that he had violated orders. The next day the officers were so furious that someone had left their position that they had the whole unit standing out in the sun for three hours and they were screaming at them to find out who had disobeyed orders and left their post to follow the guy, he was so frightened that he didn’t mention it to his best buddies for four years.

He added that on different occasions he also saw vertical take-off planes, they usually took off on a moonless night, from the Lockheed buildings and took off almost without noise, but with a kind of hydraulic whine similar to the sound of the UFO. He, like the other caller, suspected that they were something in the inventory of the US military.

Louis had called in to the radio show because it seemed to be the same kind of UFO which David had been guarding, complete with the feeling of warm air and the black colour. He then recounted how years later he had seen a copy of Mechanix Illustrated and a story about super soldiers and experimental military gear which had not been adopted for general use and he immediately recognised the same radio-helmet with an antenna in the top, he had seen the soldier wearing along with the new night vision scope, which the guy had been carrying.

In order to test the likelihood of these accounts we should look for common themes recurring in disparate and separate accounts. We have observed that UFO’s with spinning sections and telescopic legs were a commonality between several different sightings. In this account from Stevens’ book Hitler’s Flying Saucers we find mention of a distinctive ‘whine’ which was mentioned in the phone-in caller Louis’ account:

“The time of the sighting was in 1944, the place was Gut Alt Golssen, approximately 30 miles east of Berlin. The informant, whose name has been deleted, states that while he was a prisoner of war working for the Germans, a flying object arose nearby from behind an enclosure hidden from view by a 50-foot-high tarpaulin type wall. It rose about 500 feet then moved away horizontally. The only noise the object made was a high-pitched whine. The object was described as being 75 to 100 feet in diameter and 14 feet high. It was composed of a dark grey stationary top and bottom sections five to six feet high with a rapidly moving center section producing only a blur and extending the circumference of the vehicle. Notably, the engine of their farm tractor stalled during this event and the SS guards told the driver not to attempt a restart until the whine could no longer be heard.”

What is it that can cause failure of car engines at distance? Ionized air, which accords with the reported smell of burning or ozone which is often associated with UFO’s. It is likely that the Foo fighters of World War 2 were electromagnetic weapons and the intention was to interfere with the engines or allied aircraft and cause them to stall. The principle behind this is that by ionizing the atmosphere the engine is no longer insulated from the spark required to ignite the fuel, since the ionized atmosphere will conduct the electricity so the voltage leaks out from the battery contacts and cannot form a spark to ignite the fuel and instead forms a static charge in the atmosphere which then grounds itself. As long as the atmosphere around is ionized with free electrons this will continue and the engine will only restart once the ionizing presence of the UFO’s engines had departed and the atmosphere is no longer charged to form a flowing current which dissipates the voltage away from the spark plug.

The NICAP website speculates that microwave radiation is the source of this ionization; this would also account for the warmth or heating effects associated with UFO’s not to mention peculiarities such as temporary spots of discolouration which were reported on the paintwork of the Hill’s motorcar.

However, it is likely that there is not just one type of secret government UFO or one particular means of propulsion. From the following account it seems that during the 80’s there were experiments using nuclear powered UFO’s, and this might seem like a recipe for total disaster and so it proved to be. If there are any doubts that this craft was not man-made then how could it have travelled the countless billions of miles through the vacuum of space only to get to Earth and discover that the technologically advanced alien super beings somehow forgot how to fly their aircraft and promptly crashed it.

Another Betty and another UFO mystery: Betty Cash, her work colleague and friend Vicki Landrum along with her young grandson Colby Landrum were on the way back to Dayton Texas after dining out. On a lonely two-lane road in deep nigh-time woods they suddenly saw bright lights in the sky above the trees. They continued on their way and saw the lights again but suddenly they loomed closer and the alarming and unexpected sight of large UFO shaped like a diamond, but flat at the top and expelling roaring fire bellow.

The thing seemed to be out of control and the fire and heat was so oppressive that they stopped the car. The burning flame bellow seemed to be the only thing stopping the object from crashing completely and the flame burst out periodically, just about keeping the strange diamond shaped vehicle bobbing above the road. In a moment a fresh burst of flame sent the vehicle rising above the trees.

Then suddenly they heard the more familiar sound of helicopters, counting as many as 23 including some Boeing Chinook twin bladed military choppers, in a tight formation as if escorting the strange floundering burning vessel.

The UFO and helicopters went about their business and went off into the night but upon returning home all three of them started experiencing a range of symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea, burning of the eyes and generalised weakness.

Betty Cash however got the worst of it. Painful blisters broke-out on her body and later she could not walk and started losing large patches of skin and clumps of hair; later developing breast cancer. Jerome Clarke in The UFO Encyclopaedia quotes a radiologist “we have strong evidence that these patients have suffered secondary damage due to ionizing radiation.” This story was documented in a 1985 HBO documentary “UFO’s What’s Going on?”

Another example of an UFO phenomenon being associated with high levels of radiation occurred in December 1980 just outside RAF Woodbridge near Rendlesham Forest Suffolk in England and has become known, somewhat ambitiously, as ‘the British Roswell’.

The following is taken from an article on the website for the East Anglian Times:

“Tim Acheson, measured the levels of radiation at locations around the site to see if they varied from other areas of the forest. He found that there were a number of radiation ‘hot spots’ at locations linked to the extra-terrestrial sightings back in December 1980.

In the original Ministry of Defence investigation, the Defence Intelligence Staff assessed the levels of radioactivity documented in Lieutenant Colonel Halt’s official report as being “significantly higher than the average background.

This is a highly impressive and significant piece of work. The levels of radioactivity in Rendlesham Forest are an important piece of physical evidence, and a better understanding of this aspect of the story may prove critical when it comes to resolving the question of what took place back in 1980.”

The US Air Force had previously experimented with using nuclear power as a form of propulsion. Known as Project Pluto the idea was to apply heat from nuclear reactors to ramjet engines. A feasibility study was carried out in 1957 between the US Atomic Energy Commission and the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory. The vessel would take the form of a supersonic flying missile which would fly at low altitudes. In 1961 two test engines were successfully operated, mounted on a railroad car the first nuclear ramjet engine burst into life on July 1, 1964, but seven years later the project was apparently cancelled.

The ramjet engine would be fed by what was effectively a compact nuclear reactor which had been made to go critical. The missile was to permanently cruise the skies carrying a payload of nuclear weapons, ready to strike targets in the then Soviet Union.

Another atomic-powered flying vehicle in development in the United States was the Lenticular Re-entry Vehicle. Lenticular is highly suggestive of being saucer shaped and was described in an edition of Popular Mechanics from November 2000 as ‘America’s nuclear flying saucer’. The project was classified in 1962 but cleared for public release in 1999. In 1975 in Australia at Jean Fraser’s farm south of Brisbane not far from a secret base where the British and Americans tested new projects, distinctive honey-comb type debris was discovered from a craft which was said to have crashed and been mostly recuperated in 1966. The idea of crashing saucers powered by critical nuclear reactors might be the stuff of the most pessimistic type of 70’s science fiction thriller but from what we have seen regarding crashing saucers they were probably a fairly common occurrence.


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