Hypnotised by UFO’s: The Story of Betty and Barney Hill.


Electromagnetic Brainwashing and Inducing Hypnotic States.

A strange element of the UFO phenomena is the articulation of some kind of remote hypnosis. The example of Betty and Barney Hill  represent the pattern of many subsequent reports. Something in the saucer communicated with him psychically and instructed him to ‘keep looking’. The following is from the now defunct National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) a non-governmental group formed to respond to the surging tide of UFO sightings at the time:

“As he watched the leader through the binoculars, the leader’s large eyes burned hypnotically into his mind and a ‘voice’ within instructed him to keep coming closer, keep the binoculars to his eyes, and no harm would come to him. The witness said his hands seemed frozen to the binoculars, and he couldn’t put them down. He kept walking toward the craft while the mind-voice directed him to ‘just keep looking’ and reassured him that no harm would come to him.”

Hill said that the occupants of the saucer wore shiny black uniforms with a black peaked caps along with a possible allusion to Nazis:

“The figures reminded the observer of the cold precision of German officers; they moved smoothly and efficiently and showed no emotion except for one fellow operating a lever who, Mr Hill claimed, looked over his shoulder and smiled.”

Could this saucer have been under the control of former Nazi officers for some reason still following their military regimen and training? This would certainly accord with Mauri’s account along with the documented proofs of German Nazi saucer development during the war.

Initially, according to the report, Barney Hill encountered a mental block at this point and it was only under hypnosis that much of what subsequently happened could be recalled. This later involved an actual abduction of both him and his wife into the saucer, after the car they were driving was hit with a strange kind of beam of energy. Interestingly Dr Simon, the hypnotherapist who interviewed them, had his own conclusions about the nature of the craft and entertained the possibility, as do I, that it was a: “classified type rather than an extra-terrestrial aircraft”.

Barney’s description under hypnosis; his experience of one the craft’s occupants: the possible leader, seeming to enter his mind and since he seemed able to project words into his brain it is possible that the leader was either, as many believe, an extra-terrestrial with uncanny non-human psychic abilities, or that he was a human being just like us, but one who as we have seen previously, had learned various occult psychic abilities generally held to be the domain of the occult and secret societies:

“Oh, those eyes. They’re there in my brain…I was told to close my eyes because I saw two eyes coming close to mine, and I felt like the eyes had pushed into my eyes…All I see are these eyes…. I’m not even afraid that they’re not connected to a body. They’re just there. They’re just up close to me, pressing against my eyes.”

For the sake of reference, the presence of disembodied eyes is something which has been featured in victim narratives of satanic occult ritual abuse including sketches of eyes appearing in darkness and also of course the reference to the ‘all seeing eye’ in Freemasonry is well known, additionally schizophrenics report hallucinations of disembodied eyes.

They drove off at high speed, and were followed by the UFO hovering above their car:

“.. Almost immediately, the Hills heard a rhythmic series of beeping or buzzing sounds, which they said seemed to bounce off the trunk of their vehicle. The car vibrated and a tingling sensation passed through the Hills’ bodies. The Hills said that then they experienced the onset of an altered state of consciousness that left their minds dulled. A second series of beeping or buzzing sounds returned the couple to full consciousness. They found that they had traveled nearly 35 miles (56 km) south, but had only vague, spotty memories of this section of road. They recalled making a sudden, sharp unplanned turn, encountering a roadblock, and observing a fiery orb in the road.”

In the midst of all this we must again return to our friend Evelyn Waugh in his alter-ego as Gilbert Pinfold. His book was published in 1957 and was based on his experiences some three years prior. Part of Pinfold’s delusions about the existence of what the Russians termed psychotronic weapons were fed by one of their neighbours ‘a bee keeping old bachelor’ called Reginald Graves Upton. They had nicknamed him ‘the bruiser’ ‘basher’ and ‘old fisticuffs’ as a sobriquet derived from ‘boxer’ since he was in possession of ‘a box’, and according to Waugh/Pinfold, such a box was similar to one of the many boxes apparently being used in the country at that time.

“According to the Bruiser and other devotees The Box exercised diagnostic and therapeutic powers. Some part of a sick man or animal—a hair, a drop of blood preferably—was brought to The Box, whose guardian would then ‘tune in’ to the ‘life-waves’ of the patient, discern the origin of the malady and prescribe treatment.”

Pinfold himself was sceptical and considers the thing to be some kind of sorcery and fears that his wife is harvesting his hairs for use with the box in order to cure him of his many ailments. Later, when Pinfold is at sea and in the midst of his inadvertent drug-intoxication, and as moved on from the delusion that it is some kind of war-time apparatus which is enabling the transmission of voices around the ship, and that it is some form of ‘wireless technology’ as suggested by Margaret, he uses the recollection of ‘the box’ along with his fraught experience with BBC engineers and an interviewer at his home to construct the edifice of his delusion:

“You might inquire. These B.B.C. people have made themselves a great nuisance to me on board. They have got a lot of apparatus with them, most of it new and experimental. They have something which is really a glorified form of Reggie Upton’s Box. I shall never laugh at the poor Bruiser again. There is a great deal in it. More in fact than he imagines. Angel’s Box is able to speak and to hear. In fact I spend most of my days and nights carrying on conversations with people I never see. They are trying to psycho-analyze me. I know this sounds absurd.”

“The Germans at the end of the war were developing this Box for the examination of prisoners. The Russians have perfected it. They don’t need any of the old physical means of persuasion. They can see into the minds of the most obdurate. The Existentialists in Paris first started using it for psycho-analyzing people who would not voluntarily submit to treatment. They first break the patient’s nerve by acting all sorts of violent scenes which he thinks are really happening. They confuse him until he doesn’t distinguish between natural sounds and those they induce. They make all kinds of preposterous accusations against him. Then when they get him in a receptive mood they start on their psycho-analysis.”

The problem with delusions, particularly the one experienced by Evelyn Waugh, is that many elements of the scaffolding which support the delusion are actually well constructed and broadly based on things previously known or experienced. There can’t have been many people in the mid 1950’s who knew about the Soviet psychotronic weapons development programme and it is by no means common knowledge now and it may be somewhat due to the fact that Captain Evelyn Waugh had been an intelligence officer of the Special Service Brigade which went on to become the British Commandoes. Waugh was even seconded to Randolph Churchill to infiltrate into Yugoslavia and support Marshall Tito and the partisans’ resistance but their plane crashed and they had to make their way back to Italy. So, it is clear that Waugh was very much an insider and not only part of the establishment but one of key men, albeit a not particularly successful one judging by his war record.

In general, the only people who seem to be informed about the development and existence of psychotronic weapons are those with an academic interest and/or some personal experience, like mine; those who may have been part of some insider-track and heard such knowledge on some military grapevine and also those, like Pinfold, who find themselves experiencing psychotic symptoms and seek a way to rationalise the experience without accepting that they may be losing their mind. This is very common from conversations with people who experience psychosis but seek to create an ongoing delusion that they are under attack from such weapons. That is not to say such weapons do not exist, but they are incapable of the wide range of experiences which they have been reported to elicit, whereas schizophrenia has a long and documented history throughout the ages and is more than capable of accounting for all of the symptoms reported by those claiming to be under attack by psychotronic weapons.

It is after receiving the message from Pinfold that he is a victim of some kind of technological psychic harassment that his wife instantly and correctly understands that he has become psychotic and he receives a curt telegram from her imploring him to return home immediately.

When first reading the Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold I had assumed that ‘the box’ was entirely a fanciful invention of Waugh’s or something which might have, at the limit, been used by a select and elect quasi occult minded group of the idly wealthy, it seems however that with a little investigation which this book had incited me to do and with the discovery of the work of Robert Beck, in particular his interviews with legendary radio host Bill Jenkins and his proto-parapsychology radio show of the 80’s for Los Angeles’ KABC radio, that there was indeed, an extensive interest throughout England and Europe in a period throughout much of the 20th Century, though fading by the time of the late 1950’s in what might be called the science of Radionics.

The technology Waugh is referring to is Radionics, developed by Albert Abrams and involved the application of electro-magnetic energy to the body. He and his technology have since been discredited and relegated to ‘quack-science’ though I suspect this probably coincides with the US and Russian militaries’ development of secret mind-control technology using similar principles.

Reports indicate that American soldiers captured during the Korean war were subjected to a peculiar type of brainwashing with the use of a small electronic box. A 1984 BBC documentary ‘Opening Pandora’s Box’ explains the operation of a Soviet psychotronic device called Lida which was developed in the 1940’s. Ostensibly it was designed to treat Soviet psychiatric patients by projecting a beam of sound, light and a 40 MHz radio signal at pulse-rates of specific brain-wave frequencies to induce certain states of consciousness to relax and put them to sleep without physical contact, but it seems that it could also be used as a kind of truth drug by inducing a kind of hypnotic trance-state.

The CIA acquired one of these boxes from the Russians using a Canadian front company and it was used, presumably for therapeutic purposes, at Pettis Memorial Veterans Hospital where it was operated by Dr Ross Adey.

While the machine was being tested, a member of the staff was alarmed and asked where he had got the North Korean brain washing machine. He explained that it was the same device which had been used on POW’s and recounted how they had used it on him while asking him a series of questions and how the device had made him enter a dreamy trance like-state during which he had had no control over the answers he gave.

In the 1960’s Dr Adey worked on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Pandora project which was a response to the discovery that the Russians had developed psychotronic technology after investigating the development of psychological symptoms of staff working at the American embassies in Moscow and Cuba. It was discovered that the Soviets had been bombarding the embassy with microwaves, which had been dubbed ‘the Moscow signal’.

The Los Angeles based talk radio show Open Minds featured a series of interviews with Dr Robert Beck who went into fascinating detail concerning the possibilities of using bio-feedback machines and focussed electromagnetic energy and magnetic fields to induce particular states of being in a targeted person or persons. If a signal of a particular brainwave frequency is directed at a target, then that person’s brainwave will modulate that frequency to create a change in state.

The version of what could be said to be a more advanced and scientific version of the quasi-quakery of Radionic black magic boxes, was developed in 1965 by Dr Joseph Kamiya of the University of Chicago who monitored brainwaves using an electroencephalograph and used encouragement and reward to induce specific brainwave states ranging from Alpha waves, the ‘meditative’ state of consciousness, Beta waves, the brainwaves of normal human operation and Theta waves, the brainwaves associated with extra-sensory perception and the subliminal state of consciousness at the border between waking and sleeping.

Dr Beck stated that this technology was already being applied in the commercial sector at the time of the broadcast and says that a certain fast-food restaurant chain was using magnetic-fields to induce states of mild anxiety and a ‘fight or flight’ response to encourage people to eat more quickly and therefore make them clear their table more quickly thus making room for more customers. He also stated that the military had expressed a strong interest in developing this technology and that it might be used to incapacitate terrorists and rescue hostages, but Dr Beck also expressed reservations and concerns that the government might also seek to use this technology for mass crowd control.

Jose Delgado is perhaps best remembered now as the man who made a spectacle of the practical application of mind-control technology by implanting a bull with an electrical receiver and pressing a button stopping the bull at full charge, but Dr Beck claimed that his researches at New Mexico had reached the point where he could do the same thing remotely without the need for implanted electrodes.

In the early 1950’s at the Hospital for Mental Diseases in Howard, Rhode Island, Delgado had something of a free hand to engage in invasive brain surgeries and fitting electrodes to the brains of patients suffering from a variety of mental and psychological impairments. It is such horror stories which sometimes form the material for our Hollywood entertainment: for instance the movie Shutter Island dramatizes several different aspects of invasive research on defenceless patients as well as alluding to Project Paperclip.

In his book Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilised Society, Delgado alludes to results obtained with surgical interventions of the brain and the use of electrodes and radio signals to inhibit human thinking; inhibit speech and movement and also to induce pleasure, friendliness, laughter and evoke memories. In the book Delgado takes a great deal of time to try to demonstrate in his way that mankind is a kind of mechanical creature with no innate sense of soul or reality which cannot be induced and created. His vision of the human mind is like that of Galvani’s severed frog’s leg that twitches and moves when an electric current is applied to the muscle. It is probably unscientific to call Delgado evil, but he has that very specific outlook of the evil man, that is: the desire to break something to see how it works but also something of the man with no soul, the man with the damaged conscience with the terrible inner emptiness and haunting horrors from which he is eternally fleeing into the outside world, to fill that with more reality than the inner world and to reduce mankind and nature to toys which can be controlled by pressing buttons on a remote control.

70 years later one has to wonder how far Jose Delgado’s initial experiments have been developed, perhaps to the level of astonishing horrors we can hardly conceive. Suffice it to say that Delgado had a particular interest in trying to reach the brain by by-passing the senses, sending visual impression and images directly. This is the stuff of the best tradition of dystopian science-fiction films like the Matrix, I would strongly suspect that such a thing, even in its nascent state, is presently being performed on unwilling and unwitting human guinea pigs somewhere in the world. Delgado himself foresaw a future where men could control other people via computers attached to stimoceivers implanted in individuals’ brains which he imagines will also be able to control people’s minds and create a robotlike humanity. I have to say that I suspect some kind of psychopathy in Delgado, that only a robotised psychopath would envision such a future for humanity, but it is often the case that evil men continually seek to externalise that evil to the world at large. It is hard to know what drives them, perhaps a malicious desire to break and corrupt which they may dress up as scientific progress but fundamentally the impulse is to create an externalisation of their own inner hell. Obviously if Delgado’s world of transhumanism does come to fruition, it would be the ultimate playground for all the forces of evil on planet Earth to come together and rule forever by reducing the vast majority of the population to human robots, devoid of free-thought, emotions or memories of their own except that which the controllers wish them to experience. There is no conceivably ‘good outcome’ for such a world. I only hope that Jose Delgado is presently a resident of Monkey Hell being eternally tormented by the legions of monkeys which he so cruelly tormented with his experiments which after all were only a stepping stone to doing the same to mankind.


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