The Everything Christ by Tenderfoot-In-Truth

Why is it that everybody seems to be sleeping awake? 
What other ways do we have?
Existence we have created,
For the survival of this very cheap loneliness.
We need something more, 
Something exuberant, 
Something great.
I wait for that day,
I can’t understand the greatness of God 
I just dream 
Those in Christ will be glorified
Victorious, powerful, sinless,
Together with Christ 
Together with Christ 
Together with Christ 
Without a single wrinkle.
Of the rubber of water, robbers vanished into the night 
Time meaningless 
Hours forgotten 
Seconds, minute ripples 
What is His love? 
What made me worth it?
A single breath 
For Him to come down and save me 
A worthless piece of dust and yet 
The breath was worth it all 
It was worth  
Livened, strengthened, and permitted 
Saved, determined, routed 
A single breath 
Upheld, predestined, secured 
Enamored, attracted, envisioned 
A greater I 
For the glory of the only One
The gracefully impartial Lord even in all the respects
Seeming none the kindest 
For the glory of the only 
The absolutely and indisputably
The irrevocably and unfathomably
Great One 
The One great and just
Because I am sick of the alternative 
Satan tailored for me to wear 
And I am sick of the reflection of perfection 
I can no longer even kid myself with a clearance sale
Because the suit I wear is a custom-made clown costume 
Unsuspecting me 
Oh, silly, unsuspecting me!
I have given you the key 
Behind the veneer 
Behind the smile, behind the torment 
Behind the pride, behind the heartache 
Behind wickedness 
I ask are you done? 
Christ asks you are you done? 
Get in! 
Rush to claw to grab to climb to drive!
Never to receive rags of fine linen 
Come in now, immediately, and open! 
Time will pour out in a gust of wind that falls down 
A trail to nowhere 
And you will be eternally indistinguishable
In a pool of darkness 
Returned to your master and 

For the wedding occasion

Yourself to blame you for mediocrity 
Behold something other than self-importance! 
You do not slam your pom-poms on the silent show 
Don’t you do that 
The minuscule, mangled dance 
That you do not even qualify as 

Apparently, for the mediocre qualifier you have yourself 
Without Christ to blame
Under the place hidden 
Because, oh, with Christ, with the very thing of the
Everything Christ 
Nothing, yes, nothing, nothing at all! 

To blame you have yourself for 
Why, with the everything Christ 
You do not blame yourself 
You blame a blameless one! 
 And thus is swept the dust that collects 
And finally it is rid with, good riddance! 
In good sound and mind
In the everything Christ 
To bend the flaw aright 
Thank God, you can actually say good riddance! 
You can say good riddance! 
God in Christ bent the flaw aright
God bent the flaw aright.

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