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I haven’t asked for HP’s permission to post this, but right now HP seems a bit down and thinking of packing it in, great articles like this are the reason he shouldn’t.
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Friday, 17 June 2016


Thanks for all your comments, but I won’t be changing my mind about
continuing with anymore full, lengthy and detailed posts (save what’s in
this post). I am still thinking about re-upping the archive, but no
decision as of yet. Update…archive is now available.

I’ve just had to witness (along with you guys) two massive ‘elite’
paradigm-shift moves via Orlando and Batley, both of which are using a
similar MO, basically a form of ‘post-event’ MSM induced mass psychosis.
These events, particularly Orlando, have dealt me a significant
psychological blow. Readers may have noticed, from the several recent
posts (currently not available), that I was angling on LGBT issues and
mass ‘mind control based’ shootings and serial killings, but not
directly relating to each other (but as separate entities). It’s almost
as if the elite read my blog!

So, the shooter featured in ‘The Big Fix’…yeah, well played elite
guys, you sure know how to run these societal wide mind control
programmes, I’ll give you that. You sure know how to drop in those
winks, that we can ALL see from the corner of our collective eye…oh
yes! You also sure know how (along with the criminal MSM) to allow
acquaintances, former wives/girlfriends and relatives to influence/twist
a ‘realtime’ narrative…to fit a pre-set (waiting in the wings)

There’s simply too much to list in respect of Orlando…much relating to
‘professional victims/minority rule champions’ aka the LGBT community,
the (obligatory) ‘rainbow’ meme, a shooting that makes no logistical
sense…it’s basically endless! Mateen seemed to have had as much time
as he wanted, fronting things via social media, texting between various
folk and regularly calling the police, I’m surprised he had enough time
to even carryout the event! Didn’t we also get briefly dosed with the
‘obligatory’ 2nd shooter aspect that HAS to accompany these shooting
incidents (until it got rinsed down Orwell’s memory hole of course, as
the criminal MSM took full control of the narrative?!).

With MUSLIM and ‘Isis cheerleader/apologist Obama’ occupying the White
House, I guess anything is possible! MSM ‘poster boy’ Obama can hardly
help himself, as he hawks his (pre-shooting scripted) ‘native’ gun
control agenda and at every opportunity. His address to the nation was
an absolute outrage (imo), but when the POTUS is an NWO lackey, and an
enemy of the American people, it’s not surprising that he ‘middle
fingers’ the US population on the back of a national tragedy.

As for Batley and the murdered MP, the one who was slaughtered on the
day that many began to finally believe that ‘Brexit’ was destroying
‘Remain’…I’ll leave you to work that one out. Remain must’ve thought
all their Christmases had come at once, especially with the ‘perp’
(conveniently cough, cough) linking to the far right and patriot ideals.
The chosen ‘perp’ might as well have had ‘Brexit’ tattooed on his
forehead…the ‘nationalist/right wing’ aspect was given literally
minutes (cough, cough) after the news broke the initial story…I
watched it unfold in realtime.

The original news that broke (yes I saw it break) was that Cox had got
involved in a dispute between two men and had then attempted to
intervene. The two men, perhaps being Mair and the 77 year old Bernard
Kenny. As a result of this altercation it was suggested that Cox was
shot and stabbed. However, in the time since, very little (if anything)
has been made in mentioning this initial ‘two man scuffle’ again!
Subsequent reports have seemingly suggested that Cox was directly
attacked by Mair and that Kenny came to assist (sustaining injuries),
that is the ‘current’ impression that has and is being given. This
could, of course, change over time.

The Britain First representative…clearly having no idea how this stuff
got linked to his organisation, he obviously doesn’t realise that his
group were selected (without his knowledge), for the purposes of a mass
propaganda exercise!

This event is evocative of Anna Lindh, the Swedish foreign minister who was assassinated in Stockholm (stabbed on the 10th,  died Sept
11th 2003). In 2003, four days before the Swedish referendum on
adopting the Euro (currency), Lindh, a pro-Euro advocate, was stabbed to
death in a public place. The man convicted of the killing claimed to
have no idea why he had acted in the way he had. It was suggested (at
the time) that the killing might have a considerable effect on the
result. However, this was not the case, and Sweden voted to reject.
Cox’s murder has the same sort of aspects, but with a more ‘politically
primed’ drawn and defined killer.

“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”
The elite’s ‘on-cue’ stooge: Thomas ‘Manchurian candidate’ Mair

Nice image, Mr Manchuria in military-type camouflage…wink, wink. It’s
not as if the MSM is trying to show this ‘perp’ as a right-wing/patriot
(which in the current political climate, is anything that doesn’t agree
with EU communism) lunatic or anything!

With just a week to the vote (cough, cough) they couldn’t have got a
better outcome, if they had planned it all (which is clearly what they
did, and with the backing of the degenerate MSM!). The funeral/memorial
will likely be on a Princess (elite killed) Diana level, even though she
was a virtual unknown, up until yesterday. According to the criminal
MSM, an MP’s life is clearly more important than the life of a lesser
mortal aka useless eater.


They’ve even tried to link ‘Manchurian Mair’ to aspects of Nazism via
the gutter press. The MSM (and deluded liberal lefties) like to portray
the right, patriots and nationalists, as a something akin to the Nazi
state of mind.  This could not be further from the truth and is yet
another example of MSM-driven ‘inverted reality’ logic.

“I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.”

Yes, Nazism did contain aspects of both left and right, but I deem them
to be primarily socialist (left) driven! It is the EU itself
(ironically, under Hitler spawned Merkel) that promotes the socialist
Nazi ideology (nazi, from National Socialist).

The Elite are trying to destroy the nationalist ideal…therefore they
will lie and manipulate the agenda, anything to put
nationalism/patriotism in the dock and condemn it. This is why they are
attempting to link ‘Manchurian Mair’ to Nazism…a 101 type spoil tactic

It was ‘socialist’ Hitler’s dream to have a United States of Europe and
with Germany at the helm (which is similar to what we have now!). A
United States of Europe, which is effectively a type of former ‘USSR’
style construct. It is the ‘socialist/left wing’ EU juggernaut that is
the ‘more likely’ Nazi-based aspect, within this entire argument! It is
considerably more reasonable to associate nazism with the EU model. This
is the same EU that wants to end democracy, accountability and insert a
leadership system that cannot be challenged by a vote of the people!
This is clearly BAREFACED POLITICAL INSANITY, at least from a citizen’s
perspective it is!

Jo Cox’s husband, Brendan Cox…recent news (Nov 2015)
An insider said: β€˜Some people were unhappy there was no proper internal
investigation into the allegations. Brendan packed his bags and left
suddenly.’ One individual who has worked with Save The Children said:
β€˜Several of the women complained about inappropriate behaviour by
Brendan. When the charity did nothing about it they threatened to make a
huge fuss. Shortly afterwards it was announced that Brendan was
leaving. Then we heard Justin was going as well.’

Save The Children (Charity)

I wonder what the ‘inappropriate allegations’ relate to, it all seems so
DELIBERATELY veiled, yet palpable! Of course, there’s a type of irony
in all this, in respect of charity, considering the cloud hanging over
Mr Cox and Save The Children. A ‘collective’ charity fund is currently
underway in relation to this murder.

Cox’s husband has wasted no time ‘politicising’ this murder…and right from the outset!

Emotive propaganda (MSM induced mass psychosis) is used to usurp your
reasoning and critical thinking skills…so they can manipulate the
‘mass mind’ and influence your (voting) behaviour. Only in the very
short-term of course, but this is all that the elite require anyway!

The fallout (of Cox’s death) is like watching the UK population going
through a type of MSM-driven  ‘mass psychosis’ and we’re seeing it
unfold in realtime! They’re painting her as Saint Jo of Batley, have
these sycophants ever cried for the loss of a British soldier and one
sent on an illegal war mission, do they weep for the people that are
killed/murdered everyday? Anyway, let’s all watch the elite try to
associate the Brexit campaign with their (programmed via psychiatry
manchurian puppet) right-wing, nationalist/patriot stooge, in a giant
and transparent example of tar-brushing!

Will all this fool the ‘useless eater’…not all, but very many is my
guess. The ‘cognitive dissonance’ of the elite (Remain) actually
carrying out a murder to secure their EU dictatorship fantasy, will
allow people to wallow in their typical (self induced) ignorance. These
types of people are (imo) COWARDS in the face of elite hegemony and a
big reason as to why the elite have been able to maintain and expanded
their power base and their effective reach! Another danger, is that this
event could potentially set the pretext for a rigging of the vote
count. A narrow Remain win, which could then be justified on the back of
Cox’s death and a swing to Remain from the undecideds. All as a result
of this induced ‘mass psychosis! Other than that, will we even see the
Referendum vote next Thursday? There’s potential for the vote to be
postponed (in light of recent events), and I wouldn’t be at all
surprised if this happens. With tempers fraying and national
temperatures rising, they might see this as a chance to pour water on
the whole thing (cool it down, take the heat out) and claim it in the
national interest. We’ll see what happens over the next few days.

Let’s have a round of applause, for the beloved elite and their latest successes!

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