Crowley’s Boleskine House Fire and Music Star Mass Die-Off

Boleskine House in Scotland, the dark-seat of Aleister Crowley’s OTO legacy in Scotland virtually burns to the ground. 


Aftermath! Strangely the fire was not thought to be deliberate and fortuitously ocurred while the present Dutch owners were out shopping.

Instinctively I am convinced that there is a connection between the destruction of Crowley’s Boleskine house and the subsequent apparent MASS DIE OFF of rock stars around the the world. Crowley’s house was an occult HORCRUX of OTO power: this power had been generated through ritual and sacrifices carried out by Crowley and his followers.

According to the Daily Mirror: 

“The estate has been linked to a number of dark incidents over the years, including at least two violent deaths.

Crowley and his devil-worshipping followers are said to have used the estate to make talismans and offered animal sacrifices to Satan.”

David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both connected to the occult, died from Cancer at age 69.

The connection between the OTO, Aleister Crowley and various rock musicians such as David Bowie and Jimmy Page is fairly well known.

It can hardly be a coincidence that one of the Crowley’s most famous fans: David Bowie, died less than three weeks later. Bowie referred to Crowley specifically in several songs including the songs: Quicksand and Station to Station.

The Beast of Boleskine finally exorcised.

In some occult way I believe the two facts are connected, there were frequent local reports of Boleskine House being haunted and it is quite possible that Crowley’s ghost inhabited the house and maintained occult control of the Earth dimension from within the shadows of his former home, but since the house burned to the ground Crowley’s spiritual eminence has been exorcised from Earth, in something like the same manner in which Frodo destroys the One Ring and thus destroys the dark Lord Sauron…..

The One Ring a symbolic Horcrux which has many examples in history and fiction.

The sheer number of dead rock stars to show up in the month of January, is clearly some kind of OTO mass extinction event and possibly reflects something strange taking place within the occult OTO driven music industry….

The toppling of occult OTO power.
Sounds weird…… but then the world is weird.

This is quite a list……. A lot of these people died young too…… a lot of strange tragic accidents, sudden unexplained deaths and short battles with secret cancers….
Mass extinction of music stars during the month of January 2016. Dangerous time to be in the entertainment industry. 



2016 January

de Reuver
 (Anna Maria Clasina de Reuver)- Died 1-1-2016 – After
and an operation on her hip ( Pop – Big Band ) Born 2-19-1917 in The Nederland
– Singer – (She did, “Kijk eens in de poppetjes van mijn ogen” and
“Hands Across The Table”) – Worked with The Blue Blowers, The
Ramblers and Coleman Hawkins.
Mark B (Mark
Barnes) – Died 1-1-2016 ( Hip Hop ) Born 1970 – Producer and DJ – Worked
with Task Force and Blade.
 (Jean-Michel Delpech) – Died 1-2-2016 in Puteaux,
France ( Pop ) Born 1-26-1946 in Courbevoie, Hauts-de-Seine, France – Singer –
(He did, “Wight Is Wight” and “Pour Un Flirt”).
Gig Michaels – Died 1-3-2016 in North
Carolina , U.S. – Pneumonia ( Rock ) Born 1-4-19?? – Singer – Was a member
of Swamp
Da Wamp
(They did, “That Easy” and “Two Wheels”).
Jason Mackenroth – Died 1-3-2016 in
Nevada, U.S. – Prostate cancer ( Rock ) He was 46 years old – Saxophonist,
singer, guitarist and drummer – Worked with The
Rollins Band
 (They did, “Too Much Rock And Roll” and
“Nowhere To Go But Inside”), Mack (They
did, “Turn Around” and “Passing Thru”), The Lovemakers,
Meat Loaf, Mother Superior and The Blue Man Group.
 (Hyman Paul Bley) – Died 1-3-2016 ( Jazz ) Born 11-10-1932
in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Pianist – Worked with Charlie Parker,
Lester Young, Charles Mingus, The Jimmy Giuffre 3, Sonny Rollins, Coleman
Hawkins, Annette Peacock, Don Cherry, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius and Ben
Isaac Yeboah – Died 1-3-2016 – Car
accident – Managed Amakye Dede.
 – Died 1-4-2016 – Born 4-16-1934 in Adelaide, South
Australia, Australia – Entertainment entrepreneur – Managed Cream and The Bee
Gees – Founded The Robert Stigwood Organization (RSO).
John Hunter
 (John Thurman Hunter Jr.) – Died 1-4-2016 in
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 7-13-1931 in Ringgold, Louisiana, U.S. –
Guitarist and singer – (He did, “El Paso Rock” and “Alligators
Around My Door”).
 – Died 1-4-2016 in Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany – Born
7-15-1946 – Guitarist, singer and TV presenter – Hosted TV’s, Achims Hitparade
– Was a member of Fritzens Dampferband – Worked with The Monokel Blues Band.
Georgette Twain Sieff – Queen of
the Banjo – Died 1-4-2016 in Reno, Nevada, U.S. – Born 6-10-1925 in
Martinez, CA, U.S. – Sang and played banjo – Worked with her daughter fiddler,
Cecilia Yale – National Four String Banjo Hall Of Fame Inductee.
 – Died 1-5-2016 ( Classical – Electronic ) Born
3-26-1925 in Montbrison, Loire, France – Conductor, writer and pianist – Worked
with Frank Zappa on the album, “Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger“.
Nick Caldwell (Nicholas Caldwell) –
Died 1-5-2016 – Cancer ( R&B ) He was 71 years old – Singer – Was a member
of The Whispers (They did, “And The Beat Goes On” and “Rock Steady“) – Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.
Pachy Carrasco – Died 1-5-2016 in
Santo Domingo – He was 47 years old – Guitarist – Was a member of Bossa Pop.
 (aka Liz) – Died 1-5-2016 – Complications following
surgery for esophageal cancer ( Experimental ) Born 2-5-1951 in Buffalo, New
York, U.S. –  Composer and director for the musicals, “Runaways”
and “Doonesbury” – Composed music for the films, “Four
Friends” and “Seize The Day”.
Alfredo Armenteros (aka Chocolate) (Teodolo
Alfredo Armenteros) – Died 1-6-2016 in Mohegan Lake, New York, U.S. –
Complications of prostate cancer – Born 4-4-1928 in Santa Clara, Las Villas,
Cuba – Trumpeter – Worked with Nat King Cole, Tito Puente, Arsenio Rodríguez,
Generoso Jiménez, Chico O’Farrill, Wynton Marsalis, Orchestra Harlow, Eddie
Palmieri,  Johnny Pacheco, Cachao and Mongo Santamaria.
Amy Regan – Died 1-6-2016 ( Folk – Pop ) She
was 30 years old – Born in Morristown, NJ, U.S. – Singer and guitarist – (She
did, “Getting Undressed” and “Haven’t Changed Yet”).
 (Katherine Kalinsky or Katie Kallen) – Died 1-7-2016 in
Cuernavaca, Mexico ( Pop – Swing ) Born 5-25-1921 in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, U.S. – Singer – (She did, “Little Things Mean A Lot”
and “Chapel In The Moonlight”) – Worked with Jack Teagarden, Harry
James (“I’m Beginning To See The Light” and “It’s Been A Long,
Long Time”) and Jimmy Dorsey (“Besame Mucho”) – Hit
Parade Hall Of Fame Inductee
 (Gary Wayne Schelton) – Died 1-7-2016 in Picayune,
Mississippi, U.S. – Complications of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease ( Rock
) Born 5-14-1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S. – Singer – (He did, “This
Time (We’re Really Breaking Up)” and “Kissin’ At The Drive-In”).
 (Jit Sukha Samaroo) – Died 1-7-2016 ( Calypso ) Born
2-24-1950 in Surrey, Trinidad – Played steelpan and bass – Worked with The
Lever Brothers Canboulay Steelband and The Samaroo Jets – Was an arranger for
The Charlotte Street band and The Amoco Renegades.
Otis Clay –
Died 1-8-2016 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. – Heart attack ( Soul – R&B –
Gospel ) Born 2-11-1942 in Waxhaw, Bolivar County, Mississippi, U.S. – Singer –
(He did, “When The Gates Swing Open” and “Trying To Live My Life
Without You”) – Worked with The Voices Of Hope, The Christian Travelers, The
Golden Jubilaires, The Famous Blue Jay Singers, The Holy Wonders, The Pilgrim
Harmonizers and The Gospel Songbirds – Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.
 (Joseph Simpson) – Died 1-8-2016 in Bakerfield,
California, U.S. ( Country ) Born 3-6-1934 in Higley, Arizona, U.S. – Singer
and pianist – (He did, “I’m
A Truck
” and “The Flying Saucer Man And The Truck
Driver”) – Worked with Lorraine Walden (“Truck Driver Man And
Wife”) and Junior Brown (“Semi Crazy” and “Nitro
Jeff Martell – Died 1-8-2016 in West
Springfield – Car accident ( Folk ) Born 8-4-1965 in in Pittsfield – Sang and
played guitar and harmonica (He did, “I Got A Guitar” and
 – Died 1-8-2016 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Glam ) Born
9-25-1955 – Singer – (He did, “Va Va Va Voom” and “Space
John Berry (John Kenneth Berry) –
Died 1-9-2016 ( Rock ) Born 1964 – Guitarist and drummer – Was a member
of Idaho – Son of actor, Ken Berry and actress,
Jackie Joseph.
Janis Vaisla – Died 1-9-2016 –
Cardiac amyloidosis ( Pop ) He was 46 years old – Musician – Was a member
of Pirates Of The Sea (They did, “Wolves
Of The Sea” and “Happy Balalaika”).
del Mundo
 – Died 1-9-2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. – Stroke
and brain tumor ( Pop ) Born 1935 or 1936 – Singer, actress, politician and
television host – (She did, “Your Tender Touch”).
Bud Rehak – Died 1-10-2016 –
(Co-writer of Diane Renay’s, “Navy
” and “Kiss Me Sailor”). 
Hernan Gamboa – Died 1-10-2016 ( Venezuelan
Folk ) Born 6-18-1946 – Singer and musician – Was a member of Serenata Guayanesa.
Jack Penland –
Died 1-10-2016 – House fire ( Bluegrass ) He was 79 years old – Singer and
guitarist – Was a member of The Stoney Creek Boys and Uptown Grass.
 (David Robert Jones) – Died 1-10-2016 in
Manhattan, New York, NY, US – Liver cancer ( Rock – Glam – Pop ) Born 1-8-1947
in Brixton, London, England – Sang and played guitar, keyboards, harmonica, viola,
cello, drums and saxophone – (He did, “Rebel Rebel” and
“Changes”) – Was a member of Davie Jones And The King Bees
(“Liza Jane”) and The Manish Boys (“I Pity The Fool”), The
Lower Third (“You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving”), The Buzz (“Do
Anything You Say”), The Riot Squad and Tin Machine – Worked with Lou Reed,
Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, Bing Crosby (“Peace On Earth/Little Drummer
Boy”), Queen (“Under Pressure”), Mick Jagger (“Dancing In
The Street”), The Pet Shop Boys (“Hallo Spaceboy”), Arcade Fire,
David Gilmour, Marianne Faithfull (“I Got You Babe”) and Mott The
Hoople – Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.
 (Rev. Hoyt Scoggins) – Died 1-13-2016 ( Rockabilly –
Gospel ) Born 1-9-1926 in LaFayette, GA. U.S. – Singer – (He did,
“Trudy” and “What’s Gonna Happen To This Old World”) – Led
The Saturday Night Jamboree Boys (They did, “Tennessee Rock”) –Rockabilly
Hall Of Fame Inductee
 (Gary Alexander Loizzo) – Died 1-16-2016 – Pancreatic
cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-16-1945 – Singer. guitarist and engineer – Was a member
of The American Breed (They did, “Bend
Me, Shape Me
” and “Step Out Of Your Mind”) – As an
engineer he worked with Styx, Bad Company, REO Speedwagon, Survivor, Slash and
Liza Minnelli.
Blowfly (Clarence Reid) (Clarence Henry Reid) – Died 1-17-2016
– Liver cancer ( R&B – Rap – Rock ) Born 2-14-1939 in Cochran, Georgia,
U.S. – Singer – (He did, “I’m Gonna Tear You A New Heart” and
“I’m Gonna Do Something Good To You”) – Wrote for and/or produced Sam
& Dave, Betty Wright, Jimmy “Bo” Horne, Gwen McCrae, KC & The
Sunshine Band and Bobby Byrd – He has been sampled by Beyonce, Wu Tang Clan,
Eazy-E, Big Daddy Kane and Mary J. Blige.
 (aka Buffin) (Terence Dale Griffin) – Died 1-17-2016 –
Alzheimer’s disease ( Rock ) Born 10-24-1948 in Ross-on-Wye, England – Drummer
– Was a member of The Silence, The Charles Kingsley Creation, The Yemen, The
Shakedown Sound, Silence, Mott
The Hoople
 (They did, “All The Young Dudes” and “All The Way From Memphis“), The British Lions and Mott – Worked with
Mick Ralphs and The Doc Thomas Group – Produced Hanoi Rocks and The Cult.
 (Glenn Lewis Frey) – Died 1-17-2016 in New York, NY, U.S.
– Complications of rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia
( Rock ) Born 11-6-1948 in Detroit, Michigan, US – Sang and played guitar,
keyboards, harmonic and bass – (He did, “The Heat Is On” and
“Smuggler’s Blues”) – Was a member of The Subterraneans, The Four Of
Us, The Mushrooms, The Heavy Metal Kids, Longbranch Pennywhistle and The
 (They did, “Heartache
” and “Hotel
“) – Worked with Bob Seger and Linda Ronstadt – Rock
And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee
Mic Gillette – Died 1-17-2016 – Heart attack
( R&B ) Born 5-7-1951 – Played trumpet and trombone – (He did, “Before
I Go” and “I Don’t Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door,
I’ll Get It Myself)”) – Was a member of The Opposite Six, Tower
of Power
, Cold Blood, and The
Sons Of Champlin
 (They did, “Sing Me a Rainbow” and
“Fat City”) – Worked with Santana, The Rolling Stones, Sheryl Crow,
The Doobie Brothers, Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Jefferson Starship,
Blood, Sweat & Tears and Huey Lewis And The News – Son of trombonist, Ray
 – Died 1-20-2016 in Lansing, Michigan – Born 9-13-1970
in Lansing, Michigan, U.S. – Musician – (He did, “Give Me A Glass”
and “The Agony and Ecstasy”) – First person to write music using
ModelTalker a computerized speech production program – Worked with Violet Wine
and Punchy – Ran for President of the United
States as an independent in 2012.
Alec Wishart – Died 1-22-2016 – Lung
cancer – He was 76 years old – Singer and percussionist – Was a member of The
Hogsnort Rupert’s Original Flagon Band (They did, “Pretty Girl” and
“All Our Own Work”) which became Hogsnort
Cadalack Ron (Robert
Paulson) – King Of The Mid Tier – Died 1-23-2016 ( Rap ) He was 34
years old – (He did, “Walk In” and “Burnt”).
 (James Stewart Bain) – Died 1-24-2016 – Possibly pneumonia
( Rock ) Born 12-19-1947 in Newtonmore, Highland, Scotland – Bassist,
keyboardist and singer – Worked with Street Noise, Harlot, Rainbow, John
Cale, Wild Horses (They did, “Face Down”
and “Criminal Tendencies”), “Dio (“Rainbow In The Dark” and “Holy
“), Phil Lynott, Roger Chapman, The Scorpions, Roy Harper,
Gary Moore, World War III, The Hollywood All Starz, 3 Legged Dogg, Kate Bush
and Last In Line.
 (Paul Lorin Kantner) – Died 1-28-2016 in San Francisco,
California, U.S. – Multiple organ failure and septic shock after a heart attack
( Rock ) Born 2-17-1941 in San Francisco, California, U.S. – Sang and played
guitar, harmonica and banjo – Was a member of Jefferson Airplane (They did, “White Rabbit”
and “Somebody To Love”), Jefferson Starship and The KBC Band – Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.


Where does this leave ol’ Tel?  


5 thoughts on “Crowley’s Boleskine House Fire and Music Star Mass Die-Off

  1. Very nice! D'no if u saw my blog on boleskine fire? I live quite close 2 Boleskine. There's a cult currently living a mile away from Boleskine. (Called Jesus alien cult or summat similar) They have a private pier just like Boleskine does. MSM r reporing the fire wss 23rd. Wasnt. Was 22nd. Did u also know lots of "incidents" happen in Scotland on 22nd of Dec.There was a HUGE fire in Aberdeen Arnold Clarkes.. It was a Tyre Fire!!! (Coodnt make it up eh?!) Last yr on Dec 22nd was the Glasgow bin lorry that never happened! Coincidently, Prince George birthday 22nd July was the same day as start of bin lorry Inquiry.(Queens st bin lorry beside The Royal exchange next 2 George Sq) Tin foil hat safely back on shelf now!! Lovely blog. Thank you. Hope u have a great day! Cat X

  2. 22nd was the day of the winter solstice…….. hmmmmmmm….that's the kind of time when the witches have their picnic… you think perhaps that Boleskine was burned down by a rival magickal gang or something? The press says the fire wasn't deliberate but I have my doubts about that…..

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  4. Bowie death was faked. Same with Robin Williams, Prince, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers. They all knew each other. Bowie, Prince, Robin Williams, and MJ were all palace insider occultists. Boleskin was leveled for forensic coverup, same year they folded the careers of occultists via faked deaths. 1980 was way worse. Same thing. Fake deaths of occultist/intel rockers. Investigators closing in, lottsa kiddy stuff and some pretty gruesome stuff going on in Adelaide and the Rainbow Club and Kansas City crowd who 'vacationed' there with William Burroughs and the rest of the sickos.

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