David Icke Forum….The Mighty Unwashed OTO Scruff.


Just reposting this so the tags get spotted by Google. New post coming soon.If anyone knows The Mighty Zhiba’s real name then let me know. Posterity and history needs to know who this OTO agent really is…

The Mighty Zhiba, photographed in his true form, with an unsuspecting David Icke.

Well, after nearly 10 years of life on the David Icke Forum, from the old and Great one to the new and infiltrated one, it seems to have all come to end with the swinging ban-hammer of the The Mightily Unwashed Zhiba. The unwashed one has no doubt been feeling thwarted for years basking in the shadow of the forum members who seem able to contribute so much of value while power manipulators like The Unwashed One, the Scottish Pillock, and pretty much all of the David Icke moderation team in their dark Aussie OTO lairs, seem to have nothing to say or contribute except the ability to form a self protective clique which moderates, sanctions and bans members based on its own prejudices and who kisses their asses the most.

The fundamental problem with the David Icke Forum is that it is not run for the interests of its members, nor indeed of the truth movement, or even David Icke himself, but for the members the moderating team agree with. I never precisely learned how much and whose ass you were supposed to kiss over there, but I suspect The Mightily Unwashed Zhiba was the prime ass you were suppose to kiss. Apparently he worked his way through several female forummers who were more than happy to kiss his ass, but he left one girl feeling he had lied to her to get sex and
used her. Basic scumbag is basic.

There is something strange about this man, I have been exposed to his words and his power-crazed moderating style, where he once gave warning to and even temporarily suspended one
member, Zymon because he disagreed with him on a thread and I suspect that The Unwashed One was deeply jealous of the attention Zymon had been receiving on the forum. And he still is. 

I know The Mightily Unwashed One and remember reading his invective PM’s against Zymon when we were both moderators, who he personally saw it as his mission to ‘bring down’. Indeed this is why he had to change his name from Merlin Cove (cove is a masonic/Wiccan term of affection for a fellow member) to The Unwashed Zhiba, because he had made such a bad impression as a moderator for the David Icke forum with his obvious online persecution of Zymon under the guise of Merlin Cove, that he had to come back as someone else. Why? Why was this tolerated? How can a moderator be a shameful asshole to someone, lose his moderator privileges, then change his name and come back as someone else and regain those privileges merely because he has a new name. It’s still the same old vindictive cunt you didn’t trust with moderation before so why trust him again? What has this creep got over these people?

What really seems to upset the guy is people who are smarter than him, and that includes most of the forum. Zymon was a bit of a fruit cake but he was still smarter than Zhiba and Zhiba knows it. I suspect he still seethes with it even now. Other people’s research and continued valuable contributions to the internet discussion community while he can contribute nothing. But I also wonder why it is that these moderators seem never to say anything contentious or even interesting. All their contributions appear to be trying to set up little cliques and just patting each other on the back. They are nice to their friends who have either licked The Mighty Unwashed One’s arse the requisite ritualistic number of times, or else, they are of the same Wiccan Pagan mindset which I am absolutely 100 percent sure is what is behind the moderating team of the David Icke Forum.

I am almost certainly convinced that they all love Aleister Crowley, in fact it is obvious. What is also obvious is that they harbor a deep and unnaturally strong hatred of Christianity, just like their crazed dead paedophile leader. But not only do they hate Christianity, but they also hate anything to do with God. God is a concept which offends the moderators of the David Icke
forum and if you engage the forum with discussions about God, religion ethics and morality, then you will very quickly become a personal enemy to the DI moderators.

I myself was even briefly a moderator at the DI Forum, though I knew I was still their enemy. Sean allowed me to be moderator despite the objections of the team apparently, saying it
would upset some people such as the Freemason forum members that someone as partisan as me become a moderator. Why? It’s the DI Forum? We’re supposed to be partisan! While behind the scenes I was so surprised at how much contempt the moderating team seems to have for the board members. It was really an unpleasant atmosphere really. Just endless posts in the
moderator’s board about who is being a twat and who they all want to ban next. This tone appears to have been set by Alison (I AM) who frankly is a very unpleasant person, literally. She never had anything nice to say about anyone on that forum. Except if is someone kissed her ass but no-one did because she was so odious, except of course for all the other moderators.

Such a pervasive contempt for forum members while they all basked in their little clique as moderators, feeling special and powerful, is not what the forum should ever have been about But that isn’t what DI moderating is all about. It isn’t about supporting the truth movement to mobilise and share information. The DI Forum moderators exist to propagate a secret OTO/Wiccan belief system, recruiting members who share their pagan religious beliefs to be moderators and perpetuate the control of the forum by agents working for pagan cults. That’s why nothing has changed on the forum since Limelady left and Alison took over. It’s the same ethos which has run the forum since Limelady left and Alison and her loyal straggly unwashed lap-dog started to move in to control the show. She and her main man The Mighty Unwashed seem to be the pagan heart of the forum and a forum member must avoid attacking paganism, in order not to get banned on that forum. 

The casualty list of that forum is long indeed. They even quickly conspired against an ACTUAL Illuminati experiencee called The Perfect One who actually WAS being approached for sexual services through her Illuminati husband. She immediately became an enemy to the forum team. It was weird. I mean, this is what we’re all supposed to be here for isn’t it? To find out about the Illuminati? But apparently, no, not on the David Icke forum. They ban you. And she was just hit by more and more points after being tag teamed by other forum members, no doubt following the same Illuminati views as the Unwashed One and the Illuminati Crowleyite mod team, and finding any pretext upon which to silence her. And so they did, and perhaps at this point, the forum began its agenda of ‘truth control’ under the Mightily Unwashed One.

SeanX for instance seems to be the favoured ‘special child’ of the Forum and although he recently departed the forum in a cloud of abuse against David Icke, he will no doubt be back with the permission of the Mightily Unwashed.  What is with the relationship between SeanX and The Mighty Unwashed? Why did they both disappear in a cloud of invective against everyone calling everyone racists and attacking David Icke as a racist, then they magically reappeared a few months with a new name, except now instead of being merely Unwashed Zhiba was now the Mighty Unwashed Zhiba. Why were SeanX and The Mighty Unwashed apparently joined at the hip and would tag team each other in threads, or SeanX would insult someone and wind them up, then instantly get his Mightily Unwashed partner in to deliver a spanking, all eventually leading up to a ban, likely fomented between Sean and Unwashed. Perhaps SeanX’s love of Aleister Crowley has something to do with the loyal protection of brother Zhiba. A fellow Crowleytard on a solo mission to stamp on anything or anyone good on the Forum he controls.

And of course the less said about the fat druid and his love affair with Crowley and boys the better. Why does he reign supreme on the Forum? Crowley. Love Crowley and you automatically become a friend of the moderating team. But why has this happened? Icke doesn’t love Crowley and was the voice I heard loudest exposing him. So does Icke control the forum? It doesn’t look like it. It looks like a female chapter of the OTO somehow has taken control of David Icke’s forum.

What do they all get up to behind the scenes? Would it have anything to do with those little camping trips in Wiltshire they use to screen people and decide whether to allow them unto the ‘inner circle’? They go pottering about looking for Crop circles in the summer and if you manage to buy all the bullshit they talk while you’re there, then they might let you in. Personally I never bought it. I met some of the DI Forum moderators in person and basically they struck me as a sort of aliens cult who probably all prayed to ‘The Goddess’.

The basic fact is that in order not to be banned on the David Icke forum you have to be friends with the moderators. But in order to be their friends you must kiss their arse and believe in their mishmash cult of aliens and paganism. Anything else will get you busted eventually.

And that’s just what happens. Right now on the DI Forum there are virtually no members who posted as long as I have, who have escaped the ban-hammer. The DI Forum is like a snake continually eating itself. That’s why it never grows and only gets smaller, the hunger of the moderators to express their power and ban people is so great that it exceeds the growth of the forum.

I realised some time ago that most of my time spent on the Icke forum involved me either being insulted by a multitude of extremely maladjusted individuals. or just desperately trying to talk to sense into someone who had literally lost their mind and was spouting nonsense.

The whole place just reeks of failure and bitterness now. There’s no-one left over there seems even able to crack a joke and lighten things up. 

It’s just the ultimate nightmare of leftover freaks who dare not set foot outside the house and have managed to confirm their views to the secret Goddess Matron who controls the DI forum and made the required sacrifice to appease the wrath and narcissism of The Mighty Unwashed philanderer and kissed his secret OTO tattoo on his bare arse.

Very glad to be banned. Somebody pulled the shit needle out of my arm. Thanks to the Unwashed One from kicking me out of the mad-house.

The very fact that it came so quickly indicate that they had been plotting such a thing for a long time. I’m pretty sure they’ve wanted to ban me for the past five years, though I managed to lose the 10 permanent points I used to have when I became a moderator. However it didn’t take long for the OTO shills to find a way to give me more. Usually their tactic is to send someone in to wind me up and insult me, then slap me when I dare to reply. 

Anyway, so long to mediocrity and cyber wankers who have nothing to show for their lives except that satisfaction which comes from stopping other people from speaking. But guys, problem is sooner or later there will be no-one left for you to moderate and no-one for you to exercise your power over. Then the forum will close, and what will you have to show for your efforts? What did you do during the info-war? 

Spent your time banning people and curtailing free speech huh? Funny, kinda sounds like you were working for the enemy all along……. not to mention helping swindling forum members with the People’s Voice fiasco to build a nice little nest-egg for Sean Adl to bugger off to America with. And who where the New-Age con-men in America they gave all that money to in order to make the shittest most embarrassing internet television the internet has ever seen? I used to comment about the People’s Voice as vociferously as I could as it became clearer and clearer that the whole thing was fucked up, of course you were quickly banned if you dared to raise any questions about what was going on, so I learned to tread lightly.

But those who raised questions about just what was going on behind The People’s Voice and where the money was really going, were quickly silenced and banned by The Mightily Unwashed Zhiba. I knew the whole thing had been subverted as soon as it emerged that Peter Tatchell was going to be the first guest interviewed and that was before the thing even aired its first episode. So well done that man. Well done for allowing someone to run-off with all the People’s Voice money, whilst you still tried to drum up more donations for their pension fund.

A sordid tale. I’m glad to be out of it at last.

Just something I want to add to this. Recently saw a referral to my blog from this forum post and reading the post through about an illuminati survivor I remember how mods would delete my posts exposing what I knew about Satanism and the Illuminati….If you look you will even see me beg the mods not to delete my posts….. I think it was UFO Chick doing the deleting….. dodgy satanist DIF Mod scum.


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  1. Heard a very strong rumour that gay rights and paedophilia advocate ('sex brought great joy to a 9 year old') Peter Tatchell is a member of the OTO. This sheds new light on why he might have been chosen as the first guest of The People's Voice. The OTO connection between Icke staff and unsavoury activists dedicated to reducing the age of gay sexual consent.

  2. We need to talk to you. We are fighting the OTO pedophiles down under AND PETER TATCHELL!

    send email to hojuruku at gmail dot com and I'll start sending you the dossier. See what we have before you tell us what you have on this OTO pedophiles.

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