This is us.

I’ve been really down recently
and have started letting things get to me to the extent that I feel like giving
up. Not that you can really give up. We’ve all got to get through this. But
lately the unending death and carnage in the Middle East, the dead children,
the tide of refugees trudging through Europe, the endless school shootings, the
fear the uncertainty for the future.

It has all been seeping into me like a poison and darkening
my soul to the extent that the light of positivity and human love inside me,
has been going out in my mind, leaving just sad negative thoughts, self
criticism, criticism of others, fears, all bounce around my mind like unwelcome
parasites. It has been making me feel
utterly helpless.

This is them.

Then a couple of hours ago I just got up and said to myself
‘I’ve got to do something about this’ I got down and I prayed and I meditated.
I prayed first to be able clear my mind of the darkness and negativity that had
settled in it and which I had fed with negative thoughts, and as my mind
settled I realised I needed to meditate and find the clear space within myself.

So I sat down and tried to find in myself some instruction
and some explanation for all the pain inside me, I totally calmed my mind and stopped
all thought, but occasionally a negative thought or fear would flash up in my
mind and I actually felt it as a surge of electricity. So I redoubled my focus
on totally quietening all my thoughts and got the sense that I was no longer a
consciousness operating from a physical brain, but that my consciousness had
become a field which was focussed on wherever my will took it.

I found that if I focussed my will just above my head, I
could reconnect with a dim light which just shone through. This I know of as
God. God is the Light and all consciousness is part of an electro-magnetic
field with the upper frequency reaches being the invisible energy source which powers
the universe.

I asked a question in the light, it wasn’t a question from
my brain, it was from my true self, the consciousness field which can be
accessed through Zen meditation; when all of the electrical activity has ceased
and you achieve clarity. The question was about myself and what I consider my
weaknesses and perceived failures. I then saw some key moments from my life and
I realised why they had happened, they happened because events which had
started before I was even born were in play that created a particular problem
or weakness in myself. I saw my childhood and my parents and saw that my
negative and confused behaviour in some instances was a direct result of some
negative and inescapable parental influence and moulding. I saw that my life
wasn’t a series of mistakes, just a series of choices which I was always bound
to make, since we are more or less, tied and constrained to a certain mental
pattern and inherited behaviours.

I asked ‘What can I do?’. And the answer was ‘Just survive’.

Now, although ‘Just survive’ doesn’t sound like much of an
encouragement, it did encourage me and it made me realise that we are all
constantly trying to do just that, but we forget it. We forget that at a primal
level, we don’t need possessions and job security, we are living beings in a
semi-hostile environment and we just have to survive while behind these enemy
lines. And that is what we must realise, forget about the fears, the horror and
the misery, SURVIVE IT! Stay Happy.

This is a subtle war on the human spirit and while real wars
are being fought in the Middle East psychological wars are being fought on all
of us here at home.

They come from a million different directions too. It isn’t
just the media and politicians trying to darken our lights and make us weak and
helpless and unable to defend ourselves against the many threats from society
which is constantly trying to trip us up or exploit us. We no longer live in a
peaceful civilised world, we live in an artificial jungle of created threats and
predators introduced into our cages.

Don’t know who this is.

Life has changed so fast and in such a surprising way. When
I was young the world felt relatively sane and perhaps it was. Nowadays
everything has reached such a frenzy of discord and negativity. From Feminism
being rammed down everyone’s throats like never before, to the music,
entertainment and celebrities which have all reached some kind of ritualised
peak of obscenity.

It is clear we are all under attack, and it’s no use banging
your head against all the pain fear and horror in the world, you will never
win, it will devour your soul in the end. So we have to transcend it. We have
to stay happy.

No matter what happens, the worse the avalanche of shit
gets, the more confusion and lies which reign, the more you will have to make a
conscious willful effort to be happy and hang onto it. You have to realise, its
purpose is to BRING YOU DOWN. To crush your spirit! This is probably the real
reason why there is all this horror in the world, the human agents call it
politics and feel they have to play these war-games, but the demonic beings
know the true purpose.

They have to degrade and exploit the people of planet Earth
to the point that they can make people fall into despair. Once in despair you
become like them, full of misery confusion, sadness and loneliness and your
vision of inner happiness and the light of peace and understanding will go out
leaving you a prey to the predators.
Zen meditation. Clear your mind, even in the darkest of
times you can still find the inner light.

Inside your mind you can make a clearing for your true self, reconnect to the light, find it with your mind and you will be armed for whatever this dirty old world can throw at you.

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